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Featured Artist : Jaicko!

JAICKO [pronounced Jay-ko], is not just the average teenage singer, but is an 18-year old musician/ singer/ songwriter and born star who is signed to CAPITOL RECORDS. And is gonna be the next big thing in R&B music!

Jaicko personifies harmony: between cultures, genres, ages, genders. His particular brand of music is set to shove aside the driftwood on American airwaves. Jaicko has built a fan base back in Barbados which is sure to transfer to the States and the rest of the world .  Soon, the rest of the world will have a very good feeling about his music , to coincide with his fellow Barbados music star Rihanna.

Below is a recent leaked song of his featured on his soon to be released debut album. The Song is called “Perfect”.

Follow him on Twitter at @Jaicko

Or Check out this official website for more information on his upcoming debut album release –


Featured Single : Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

If you haven’t heard ‘Not Myself Tonight‘ yet, all you need do is press ‘play’ below

Personally I think it’s not a bad track , it’s a bit of a club banger and completely different to what Christina has done previously.

The few times ive heard it I havent thought much of it partly because it seemed rather lacking in the chorus department, and also secondly because it wasn’t the genre-busting electro-indie-pop-rock-R&B epic we were hoping for! Others could disagree however..

What do you think of ‘Not Myself Tonight’? Is it what you were hoping for from Christina’s comeback single?

Check out this feature on a R&B duo “Jackie Boyz”

Not many have heard of the Jackie Boyz but their sultry sounds of R&B mixed with modern-day music and their ability to write, sing and perform has paved the way for their current success. They are behind many recent hit songs like Flo Rida – Sugar , Madonna – Revolver , & the most recent hit by American sensation Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston Eeenie Meenie.

Their music will provide you with a new and innovative sound to dance to and their ability to sing, write and dance will prove why their talents separate them from the rest.

The Jackie Boyz inspiration in life is to carry on the memory of their mother through their music and to touch the hearts and souls of their fans.

They have extraordinary talent , and will continue to make amazing music. Below is a selection of my favourite songs from them thus far.

You can follow them on twitter at where you can keep upto date with their latest music!

FDM Formerly know as Fundemental! Check out this lil feature :

Formally known as Fun*dmental, British-bred trio; Varren, Jermaine & Kyle are Compound’s R&B hat trick! ALBUM DROPS SOON, with über-hitmaker Ne-Yo at the helm. This group is hot and their music is impressive.


Check their official website out now

Or Follow them on Twitter

Guess Who’s Back with an album?


Cheryl put out a statement via Twitter

I just wanted to clear up the stories about whether I am wearing my wedding ring in my own words as this has been going on for too long and is getting boring. It is not some silly game I am playing. That is not me and not my style. There have been many occasions where I have not worn my wedding ring, many of those when I was pictured with Ashley. I find it crazy that people would think I use this as some sort of msg. Believe it or not Ashley is fully aware of any situation going on in our personal lives. He does not need to see a picture of me moving the hair out of my face to explain anything. Please drop it.

Featured Album : Simon Curtis – 8BitHeart

Simon Curtis has finally released his debut album!!

After reaching 8,000 followers Simon Curtis unleashed this album on to us. And after listening to it its absolutely worth the wait.You can download the album for free by clicking on the image above which takes you to his official website.

Right onto the actual tracks on the album , Simon has previously released Delusional , & Diablo to everyone , and if you like them two tracks youre guaranteed to like the rest of the album.  The album is filled with crazy upbeat pop songs with a whole different meaning to them , its like as if throughout the album he’s trying to tell a story via his music.

Theres some seriously standout tracks  like “Super Psycho Love” and “Beat Drop” , they are seriously addictive songs along with the title track 8 Bit heart which shows off a completely different side to Simon, he certainly shows hes not afraid to do anything music wise! The track ‘The Dark’ also features Jay Z , as if the album isnt spectacular enough.

He’s been billed as the male answer to Lady Gaga and with music like this , it is very easy to see why.  Just think what he could do with the backing of a major record label??!

This is the beginning of a very exciting future for an amazing Pop talent.

Make sure you go along and follow him @SimonCurtis

Music News – The Saturdays Go out & Partayyyy!!!

Happy 21st to Rochelle from the Saturdays who was out raving with her band mates and boyfriend Marvin from JLS plus Amelle from Sugababes over the weeekend.

Exciting news for The Saturdays also is the news theyre in the studio recording with the Recent British act to bag a number one over in the US , Taio Cruz, this could lead to some exciting times for them music wise following this link up.

Music News : Its all going Good For UK band N Dubz…

Everything is happening right now for N-Dubz!

N-Dubz ‘land fly-on-the-wall series’.is the latest headline rumoured! After recently being signed up by a top American record label , they are content on going from strength to strength. Their new single” Say Its Over” is released on 19th of April and is sure to perform well in the charts and keep up their impressive year!

The trio are apparently in final negotiations with Channel 4 about a “warts-and-all” show following their activities on tour and in the studio.

“The band are well up for it and can’t wait to get going. After the year they’ve had it makes sense to do it,” a source told The Sun. “They are brutally honest about each other and everything else, which will make brilliant telly.

N-Dubz will start their official album tour at the end of March. On 1 April 2010, they will release their first book, “Against All Odds: From Street Life to Chart Life”.

The Future is Bright for UK Artists :

UK music is officially at its best right now , Everything is going right, there are so many UK artists out there right now leading the way for the new talent coming through in the UK music scene.

Chipmunk has already proved that success can be achieved with hard work and determination and his new single with Esmee Denters looks to be cracker.

Other notable new acts include the amazing Tinie Tempah who is set to top the charts for the 3rd week in a row with his Debut single ‘Pass Out’. Looks like the future is bright for Tinie as there are record companies in America interested in Releasing Pass Out over there! His album is sure to be Huge!

Big news this week also with the inclusion in the charts of Skepta‘s new Single – Bad Boy! This is big news as Skepta is an independent artist yet to be signed , so by charting with this single is a huge boost to him. Record companies should take note of him now!! And SIGN HIM UP. If you havent bought a copy i suggest you get one now , 79 pence!

Otherr Artists breaking the charts include Mclean which broke the Top 10 With his second single My Name which i myself loved!

Justin Bieber Fever..

This week teenage sensation Justin Bieber hit the UK for a string of performances and a series of interviews to promote his new single Baby & upcoming album My World 2.0 which features collaborations with Sean Kingston. The hype and attention surrounding Mr Bieber was absolutely crazy. Masses and masses of teenage fans scrambled to follow his every move around London during the short time he was there!”

One very lucky fan also won an amazing competition to be able to meet the man himself.

Then he gave the interview itself where he revealed that he would ‘DATE’ a fan in future!! That’s one way to keep your fan base every growing. Nice touch!

He also gave an impressive live performance of his new single “Baby” on Channel 5 during his short stay in the UK! Check it out below!

Music Video : Chipmunk Until You Were Gone feat. Esmee Denters..

London rapper Chipmunk and Dutch Pop singer Esmée Denters have collaborated on a very radio-friendly song entitled “Until You Were Gone.” The single is for the re-release of Chipminks debut album which hit music outlets on April 19 under the title I Am Chipmunk Refill. The song was produced and written by Frasier T. Smith and James Morrison.

This is another radio friendly track, with a catchy chorus. The melody is sweet and is definitely a feel good song. The only slight reservation is that it follows the same formula that brought UK underground artists success last year (3 clean, love oriented verses with a female vocalist on the chorus) but i suppose it could work to his advantage yet again!!

Nonetheless, good track, nice video.