Featured Album : Simon Curtis – 8BitHeart

Simon Curtis has finally released his debut album!!

After reaching 8,000 followers Simon Curtis unleashed this album on to us. And after listening to it its absolutely worth the wait.You can download the album for free by clicking on the image above which takes you to his official website.

Right onto the actual tracks on the album , Simon has previously released Delusional , & Diablo to everyone , and if you like them two tracks youre guaranteed to like the rest of the album.  The album is filled with crazy upbeat pop songs with a whole different meaning to them , its like as if throughout the album he’s trying to tell a story via his music.

Theres some seriously standout tracks  like “Super Psycho Love” and “Beat Drop” , they are seriously addictive songs along with the title track 8 Bit heart which shows off a completely different side to Simon, he certainly shows hes not afraid to do anything music wise! The track ‘The Dark’ also features Jay Z , as if the album isnt spectacular enough.

He’s been billed as the male answer to Lady Gaga and with music like this , it is very easy to see why.  Just think what he could do with the backing of a major record label??!

This is the beginning of a very exciting future for an amazing Pop talent.

Make sure you go along and follow him @SimonCurtis


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