Its the brand new video from Tinie Tempah feat Labrinth – Its “Frisky”

Follow up singles are always tricky business. Is the song catchy enough? Will it pull back the same listeners? Is the track to safe or too different from the debut? Well, tough as this usually is, London artist Tinie Tempah is circulating quite the stur with the new track that goes by the name Frisky. Tinie’s stuck to the winning formula with the video for Frisky. Filmed in a cavern underground-style location, the video, much in the same way as Pass Out’s, uses lighting effects to create a modern and striking setting . In addition to this, the rest of the visuals focus on Tinie and Labrinth both looking pretty stylish in their attire. You could say the whole video  oozes confidence, it’s got sex appeal with a swagger and a track that’s on fire to boost it up. This is yet another blinding offering from Tinie and we can imagine hearing it all summer long in clubs, bars and no doubt in some pretty naughty situations…

Do you like the video?

Whats your thoughts?


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