For those who arent aware. Matt Palmer is an up and coming R&B singer/songwriter.  I’m a true R&B fan and when I first came across Matt’s music, like 6 months ago, I couldn’t help but find out more about him. I found his MySpace where he uploaded several of his tracks and then I instantly knew this guy makes R&B that makes your mouth water which i love.

Influenced by Pop/R&B legends like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, Matt began writing songs at age 14. Day-in and day-out, Matt honed his craft until his heartfelt songs and impassioned vocals caught the attention of those in the music industry, catapulting him into studio collaborations with producers and songwriters such as K-Fam (Destiny’s Child) and Adonis (Beyoncé).

Look out for more from this amazing R&B singer. Matt is prepared to take the world of R&B/Pop by storm.

Check out his you songs on his official You Tube page

Oh & make sure you follow him on twitter at



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