Single Review: Travis Garland “Believe

Some of you may be familiar with Travis Garland since he was once a part of pop group NLT. Since the group broke up in 08′ Garland has been busy working on his solo career. Now he is signed to Interscope Records he is getting ready to release his debut album later this year. His first official single is titled “Believe” and will be released to iTunes tomorrow. He is also set to debut the single when he performs on American Idol this Wednesday. The track was produced by Danja and written by Garland.

As a big supporter of Travis Garland’s music  i was very eager and interested to sample this track and find out whether it was of decent quality. It was certainly the latter, Travis seems to have altered his sound from a usual R&B strong sound , to a more pop-ish style. This change may have been forced but however it works wonders for the track , as you get the feeling this track could do very well and could be the launchpad for his solo career.

He’s the missing link in the game! He can appeal to the young girls, like Justin Bieber, but with his super sexiness and street swagger he’ll also draw in a broader fanbase of older females and dudes – gay and straight – as well.

It’s an instant hit! Believe is a song that inspires and unites! It’s a song we can hear being played on radio stations all across the world! From the tribal drum sounds to the soaring melodies, this is a song everyone can FEEL.

Watch out for a lot more from this amazing talent!


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