Q&A With Matt Palmer..PART 1:

Rightio as promised here is the interview with the up&coming singer/songwriter Matt Palmer.

PART 1 :

First of i’d like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. Ive been a fan of your music for some time , and I think you’re hugely talented with an amazing voice.

Thanks so much for thinking of me!  I’m glad to hear you’re liking the music, and I’m more than happy to answer these questions for you.

1. What’s your aim in the way of your music . What do you wish to achieve as a singer?

“I try to write songs that people can connect to and realize they’re not the only ones going through it.  I want to be the Babyface of our generation — his songs were so sincere & heartfelt that you had no choice but to love them.  That’s what I want my songs to be for people someday.”

2. Is it difficult as an upcoming singer/songwriter to get noticed and reach that higher level , and if so do any of these problems frustrate you in any way or do they just spur you on and give you greater motivation?

“I think it’s hard for everyone to get where they want to be in the music industry.  We’re all fighting for the same goal, but the fact that so many music blogs out there have supported my music since I sent them demos of “Six Whole Days” & “That Way” three years ago means a lot. I’m proud of how far I’ve come since then, but I’m more excited to work towards where I want to go.”

3. Is there any artists in the music business right now that you aspire to be as successful as? There’s so many popular acts like Lady Gaga , Beyonce , Ne-Yo. Has their success inspired you to want the same amount of popularity or does your inspiration come from within?

“I think the success of the artists you mentioned is so inspiring.  I know for them, it didn’t happen over night, and they had to “pay their dues” like I am now.  But I especially people like Ne-Yo & GaGa because, like me, they’re songwriters at heart. The fact that they’re so successful gives me hope that I can get there one day as well. ”

4. What have been your major influences on music?

“My major influences musically are Babyface, Mariah Carey & Michael Jackson.  The fact that their music crossed over to R&B & Pop without ever feeling calculated or forced is so incredible to me.  Their music will always stand the test of time because those melodies and lyrics are so genius and their vocal performances are undeniable. ”

5. You write all your songs yourself , how do you come up with the lyrics for your songs & Where do you find the inspiration for the song writing from?

“I always start with the music before the lyrics.  With songs like “Symphony” & “Rain”, I sit down at a piano and just wrote the chord changes and flesh out the arrangement myself.  Then I start writing the melodies for the chorus & the verses, and then once I have a good frame work for how the song will sound, I start writing lyrics.  I think the lyric has to fit the mood of the music, and you never really know the mood until the music and the melodies are already in place. When it comes to lyrics, my relationships & my friends’ relationships is where I get my main inspiration.  I never make things too specific because I want to make sure listeners can relate, but I definitely draw from personal experience. ”


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