Q&A With Matt Palmer..PART 2:

Here is the second part to the interview with Matt Palmer

6. What’s your favourite song out there in the world of R&B + Pop at the moment.?

“Some new R&B/Pop songs I love are Travis Garland’s “Believe”, Shontelle’s “Impossible”, Drake’s “Find Your Love” & Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.”  I’m a big music fan at heart, so I try to stay current with what I listen to.”

7. My favourite track of yours is “Sympthony”, Do you have a favourite track of yours , or do all of your songs have the same amount of meaning to you?

“All of my songs have a special meaning to me, but I feel like my favorites change every other day!  I think “Rain” will always be one of my favorites just because I love the emotion in that song, and I also am loving the latest song I’ve released called “Let Go.”  I think it feels very much like my earlier songs, but it has a more uptempo/David Guetta-inspired beat that keeps it current.”

8. If and hopefully when you’re signed is there any country you’d particularly love to visit , to promote your music to …*Coughs* the UK maybe ?

“Haha! I’m not even kidding when I say that I’d LOVE to visit the UK.  I was a big fan of Craig David growing up and I also really love some of the Sugababes stuff, Taio Cruz, & that Tinchy Stryder single with Amelle “Never Leave You.”  Oh, and Pixie Lott is incredible!  I interned at Island/Def Jam when she was signed there, and stole her demo from my office because I thought she was so great haha.

I think the dance music style over there is so much fun, and I’d love to infuse some of the American R&B into it.  I actually may have the chance to go to the UK this summer to work with some producers, so cross your fingers for me!”

9. Is there any one in the music business that you really wish to work with and collaborate with?

“Wow, there are so many artists I’d love to work with.  I’m the biggest fan of Mariah’s voice, so she’d probably be my dream collaborator.  I also really love Brandy’s voice and arrangements, so working with her would be incredible.  When it comes to songwriters, I love Claude Kelly, Ester Dean, Jackie Boyz & Rico Love. I am big fan of their work.”

10. Last and not least I have every confidence that someone with your amazing musical talent will get signed. I wish you every success and I hope to hear more amazing music in the form of an album from you very soon. Best Wishes.

“Thanks so much for the love – I really appreciate it!  Make sure you guys check out the I Wish EP on iTunes ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-wish/id341710815?i=341710830&uo=6), and look out for my first full-length album this summer.”


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