YouTubeTalent : Greyson Chance

You see the pattern here ? More and more people are getting signed to record deals after posting videos on You Tube. Amazingly the latest video uploaded by a boy called Greyson Chance has racked up about 18 millions hits.

Greyson posted a video of him performing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga at Edmond’s Sixth Grade Festival.

The video became an overnight worldwide success and the hits have now become incredible. This video prompted an appearance on the Ellen show , where he was interviewed by Ellen , Spoke to Lady Gaga , and then performed his version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” hit.

It has now been reported that Greyson has now been picked up by the same record company Miss Gaga is currently signed to.

Check him out here on the Ellen Show. Interview and Live Performance!

What a story.


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Im 19 Years of Age & Love Love Love Music :)

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  1. greyson loves evil

    PROPER NAZI (sung to the tune of Paparazzi)

    She covers one eye,
    She looks like a spy,
    She tortures us all, til we all want to die
    From exposure to her Evil.

    A boy only twelve,
    Who worships himself,
    Ready for Ellen,
    Cannot imagine the Hell he’s in,
    She’s closing in.

    Giving the Devil its due.
    Doing what boys are told to do,
    By Lady Gaga and the illuminati.

    I cannot escape the feeling she’s a Nazi,
    A proper Nazi,
    Sex, drugs, rock n roll,
    Lady Gaga kills the soul,
    She’s a Nazi,
    A proper Nazi.

    She’s the girl next door,
    Dressed like a whore,
    Blood on her lips,
    The altar is lit for a sacrifice,
    From Oklahoma

    His own mother drove,
    Him to Bohemian Grove,
    They ate out his heart,
    and they drained all his blood
    In a ritual,
    It’s so habitual

    Never has a young boy been so willing,
    For this kind of killing,
    Can’t be a mistake, he’s a poisonous snake.

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