Interview : Auburn :

About a week ago i done a feature post on a singer who goes by the name Auburn. After hearing her new single La La La , i absolutely loved it and i later had the chance to ask her some questions.

Everyone watch out for her, she has an amazing future for sure!

Here is the interview:

1. How does it feel now to be signed to a record label? Are you really excited for the future?

Being signed to a major label in all is a blessing and all still reallyy over whelming. Facing the reality of it all is still a big thing for me, lol. As for the future, yes! &soon you’ll see why; I can promise nothing but my best in the future.

2.How does it feel to be working with such an accomplished producer like JR Rotem
? , He’s obviously had a lot of success with Jason Derulo , so i hope the same applies to you.

Well of course working with a man like JR who’s just as passionate about music as you are, each experience is amazing. When JR & our in the studio theres creativity flowing from all sides, whether it be me already w/ a melody in mind and he build around it just by hearing or visa versa; He may have a melody down that i then write to, but no matter the process each time we go by each others vibe and its never forced, because then its not real therefore it wont work.

3.What can we expect from your debut album and when do you think your fans will be able to hear it?

Well the album is still in the process of being made, but as far as what to expect? My sound is a lot different from most, because i have so many different ways of expressing my music. Whether it be Pop, R&B, Hip Hop or inspirational w.e labeling it holds music is music to me, and i love it no matter the sound.. so i don’t like being limiting to one “Genre”. I enjoy listening to all styles of music (other than heavy metal) lol, and i enjoy expressing my music just the same. So in this album, expect songs with a message and a little depth, songs that’ll make you move, or even make you think.

4. Do you have any ambitions to take your music to other countries in the future , eg , the UK? As i feel the UK would really love your music.

Definitely, I know good people in the UK who show love genuinely right now, DJs & fans that let me know their listening and relating to the music. &Thats only the few that’ve heard my music, that alone makes it all the more exciting to know Ill be able to share my music w/ true fans of music, true fans of music all over the world.

5. How do you feel being an artist who has been signed from Minnesota, not many other artists have achieved that before? Does that make you immensely proud as an artist?

Im proud to be from Minnesota. Always will be proud of where i came, thats home and its where i learned my life lessons, its my foundation.. where my heart is.

6. If there was anyone you would like to work with musically who would it be?

To name a few? hmm.. Celine Dion, CeCe Winans, Smokie Norful, Jojo,The Dream, John P Kee. etc.

7. For anyone who has yet to listen to your music (they’re missing out btw) how would you best describe it?

Referring to my previous answer I’d say my music is a reflection of myself, my expression and ventilation through song. Whether upbeat or downbeat raw or busy… Its different, but something you can still relate to.

Last and not least i’d like to wish you good luck for the making of your album and i’d love to see you bring your music over to the UK sometime soon. Many thanks.

Glad i could help Jamie,
& Thank you, See you in the UK;)
-Auburn :)


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