Another video from Chris Brown called ‘No Bullshit’ off of the ‘Fan Of A Fan mixtape has dropped this week.

It’s the second video to have been released from the mixtape!

It certainly seems as if Chris Brown is doing all he possibly can to regain the public’s support?

Do you think he will get back to the top ? Your thoughts?


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  1. Wow! Is this Trey Songz or Chris Brown? I think Chris needs to leave it awhile before trying to make his musical comeback to be honest!

    • Yeah you may be right…

      But obviously he doesnt want to wait! He wants to do as much as he can and be as busy as possible especially with his tour going on! x

      • I know but Chris needs to grow up a bit if he wants to reclaim his former glory because otherwise he’s screwed. He shouldn’t be having temper tantrums when radio refuses to play his records or ranting on Twitter. I understand it’s frustrating for him but he needs to act more dignified if he wants to be accepted again.

        Also, when you click on my name, are you directed to my blog or do you get a message saying its being deleted? :)

      • Yeah i agree completely with you!
        He feels as if everyones got in it for him! But he needs to realise he cant just expect to have the support Just like that! Hes got to work for it :) x

      • And when i clicked on your name… It said its been deleted?

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