Music Video : Rihanna – ‘Te Amo’

Rihanna has premiered yet another track from her album.  The music video for the track ‘Te Amo’ has been unveiled.

Rihanna is certainly filled with lesbian desire and lust in the raunchy new video for ‘Te Amo’. You would have thought that Ri Ri would actually have turned down the advances of the female admirer in the video due to the lyrics of the song “Te Amo” but she does nothing but reciprocate the attraction.

The Anthony Mandler-directed clip was shot near a French château in Paris last month.I really loved this music video , shes constantly stepping up her game , as i feel it was a much better music video than the previous released video “Rockstar 101” . She’s proving that she’s capable of switching up the styles in her music videos.

Although it was sexual, it was done in a classy way which impresses me even more. Rihanna even took the oppotunity to do what she loves and pose it up for the cameras and flaunting her flawless good looks. All in all a good video i LIKED!

Isnt it ironic though that both Rihanna & Chris Brown are on tours at the moment , both releasing several videos, yet Rihanna is at the very top of her game , And well Chris isnt getting a lot of support should we say, i do hope that changes though. I support the both of them talent wise however , and i wish them good success.


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  1. I believe her previous single was called Rockstar 101, not Rockstar In Love! LOL!

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