Music Video : JLS premiere new music video for ‘The Club is Alive’…

Chart topping boyband JLS have offically premiered their new music video for ‘The Club is Alive’ today. It looked like they had lots and lots of fun shooting the Frank Borin-directed clip, Well wouldnt you really if you were in a bar surrounded by all those beautiful woman? They just seem like the type of guys who know how to have a laugh and just be themselves which is a credit to to them. Check it out below:

The song is not the best from them, im hoping for more from their second album but the video itself had some good post production. And most importantly it looks as if they’ve got rid of the cheesy tag image which they have had up to now in their previous videos. The video was shot in sunny Los Angeles where they have been recording their new album which is set to be released at the end of the year.

Verdict : Their best video to date,  still not too sure about the song!


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  1. I love this song and video, hoping it’ll be number one, can’t wait to see them on tour in December :)

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