Interview : UK R&B Star Nathan..

Our very own UK R&B star is back with a new single “Caught Me Sipping”  which, is due for release on 5th July 2010. I recently had the chance to ask him some questions. Check it out below.

Hey ive been a big fan of your music since the Early Do Without My Love Days , Its been a little while since that hit, What have you been doing since then? And are you excited to be back?
Well since I’ve been gone I moved to America for a bit to expand my network and work with new people and did some growing up as well lol

UK music is on a high right now, But there’s not many UK R&B artists, do you feel you can be at the forefront of that genre in the UK?
I definitely think the UK Scene is Heavy rite now I hope to establish myself as the premier UK R&B artist but more importantly I want to transcend any genre barriers, that’s what great artists do like Beyonce, Kanye, MJ, Gaga etc

Is there plans for a new album? And when is it likely to be released?
My new album should b out in September… its gonna be sick loll

How did you recent collaboration with Rapper Flo Rida come about?
We did a show together and I played the song at an after party and he was feeling it so I asked him to be on it with me and the rest is history!!

Would you love to collaborate/duet with artists such as Tinie Tempah & Chipmunk who have been really impressing this year?
The door is always open for UK collabs, I’m actually in the process of setting up a collab with me and Tinie Tempah.

Do You Write your own songs? And where do you find the inspiration to write these tracks?
I get my inspiration from all different places when I’m writing or collaborating… This new album is more fun and deeper.

Your new single is out July 5th! Whats your ambitions for this track? How well do you see it doing in the charts?

I just want to signify that I’m back in the best way possible.

And BOY is he definitely back with a bang. LOVE THE NEW SINGLE. If you havent heard the single check it out below :

Or alternatively head straight to his You Tube Page where you can see several acoustic performances of the new track.

For all up to date news on Nathan’s music Follow him on twitter here & you can also find him on facebook!


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