Interview – Vera Fernandes…

I have featured Vera’s music on the blog previously , i recently got the chance to ask her some questions. Check it out below!

Hi Vera… How are you?

Im doing really well and excited about whats ahead.

Basically ive been a fan of your music for a while now.. For those who arent familiar with your music how would you describe your sound to them?
My music leans towards POP but definatly has an RnB influence with allot of electronic sounds.

Tell us a bit about your singles… Sometimes We Fall & All About You?
They are very special to me becuase they were my first professionally produced studio tracks and opened so many doors for me as an artist and a songwriter. In particular “All about you” has earnt its place in commercial radio and has also recieved recognition through the MusicOz Awards this year so its really given me the confidence to move forward towards my goals.

What was it like working with the producers behind hits like Delta Goodrem – Born To Try , Jessica Mauboy’s “Been Waiting” .. That must have been an incredible experience for you?
Audius and Leon are probably one of the most sought after production teams in Australia and you can understand why..they have an amazing ability to create music that gives overseas producers a run for their money! Being given the opportunity to work with them on my initial tracks has been a dream come true.. they really are so talented and they share my vision and know what i want to acheive.

You used to be a model?( a very beautiful model) What happened for you to make the decision to be a singer instead? Music is a tough industry – what do you think you need to be successful in it?

Thankyou Jamie, the modelling was just something i fell into at the time and it was so much fun because i got to make allot of friends and networked within the entertainment industry but I have been songwriting and singing since i was young and I knew that the time would eventually come where i would need to just focus on that.. You have to be very dedicated to the music if you want to make it and you cant be it all.. i think sometimes people get too caught up with wanting fame more than anything, You need a really good head on your shoulders and you need to be very dedicated to your craft in order to have long term success.
What can we expect in the next couple of years from you in terms of your music? Is there an album planned?

I have a project that I am working on at the moment aside from completing my solo album and Im really excited about that.
There is more music to come thats for sure!
You’ve built up an impresssive fan base in Australia.. Are there any plans to bring your music to other countries… The UK for instance? (The UK would love you for sure!)
There is talk of launching my music in other countries. The incredible amount of feedback I have recieved worldwide and how quickly its travelled virally online has really shown that there is huge potential but right now i need to remain focused on completing the album and then i will look at what the next steps will be  :)

Good luck with your music Vera, we all can’t wait for your success. Any thing you want to say back to your fans? A lil message for them perhaps?
I am honestly overwhelmed with the support that i have received from fans and cant thank every single one enough for spreading my music all over the world.. Keep staying in touch with me through Twitter and Facebook and I appreciate all the feedback, it means allot to me.
Thankyou Jamie for this wonderful interview and for sharing my music with your blogging community!
Keep checking out Vera’s music… By heading to the BELOW LINKS!

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