BET Awards: Chris Brown cries during a performance tribute to Michael Jackson

Welcome back Chris Brown.

After everything he has done , no one has ever denied that the talent Chris Brown possesses is just phenomenal.I admire his talent which is why it was sad to see him making mistakes in the last year , namely the whole Rihanna issue but i always wished he would get the chance to come back and show off his talent and also perform a tribute to his idol Michael Jackson , he’s the only person capable of pulling of anything close to Michael Jackson esque moves and he displayed this during his tribute.

I for one hope that he can finally get his career back on track!!!!

Even if you dont like Chris Brown , you must have felt a bit for him during the end of this tribute , it was hard not too , the whole performance filled me with goosebumps seriously , it was amazing!!

The 2010 BET Awards were held at the the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last night with Kanye West singing his brand new single Power when opening the gig.

But it was the emotional performance of Chris Brown that stole the moment, when he sobbed while he performed a tribute to the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson. Belting Man In The Mirror, after being introduced by the late MJ’s brother Jermaine Jackson, he kicked off the tribute with The Way You Make Me Feel. Afterwards, the Run It! hitmaker performed Billie Jean with an impressive routine of Jacko-style dance moves.

The singer who is nominated for Best Male R&B Artist did MJ’s every signature move, popping, spinning and moonwalking, but crashed into a sob with his way wiped tears from his eyes and failed to sing the words live on stage.He showed every ounce of emotion he possibly could.

Dressed in black trousers and a white T-shirt, the 21-year-old singer wept uncontrollably and relied on the audience to help him with the lyrics.

One can only wonder whethere he as feeling bad for his past faults and the lyrics of the song made him realise he was nothing like the man in the morror, that MJ preaches people should be.

Following his performance, a host of stars took to twitter to congratulate him.

Kim Kardashian wrote: “Wow @ChrisBrown did such an amazing MJ tribute.

While singer Sean Kingston wrote: “WOW Chris Brown Congrats Bro, U KILLED THAT GREAT JOB MY brother.

Many feel that he wasn’t just crying because it hit him hard that Michael was really gone. But because he was crying for REDEMPTION and the lyrics of the song hit too close to home!!!!

I personally feel that Chris really did shut down the BET Awards with this performance. As soon as I watched it, I was not interested in seeing any other performance to be honest, this was the best part of it, i think many stars were very happy for Chris that he had this opportunity to make a personal tribute to Michael Jackson especially after not being allowed to do so last year.

This is the type of tribute that we have all been waiting for. As to whether Chris can get his life and career back after this performance, one can only hope. After the incident with Rihanna, he deserves a second chance because he paid his dues. And after last night’s performance where he showed his TRUE self and wore his heart on his sleeve, i think he should be given the chance to rebuild his career because his talent is sensational. Much luck to him in the future!

Was it all about MJ? Probably not. He was clearly dealing with his own demons/issues, but I’m sure a large part of it was. However, irrespective of any of that it seems that this guy finally allowed us to see his true self. Not his cocky, arrogant, scripted self – but his true, raw self. THIS should have been Breezy’s comeback. Not an album (however solid), not a tour, not interviews – THIS should have been it.

This is one of those performances that will go down in history. Something we’ll all be coming back to.

Welcome back Chris Brown.


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