Usher’s Got Us Falling in Love With His Brand New single..

Usher back with a new single..

Usher’s new single ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ has finally leaked in its entirely. The track is the lead single from his new project ‘Versus’ which will drop in stores on August 24th. 

The Max Martin-produced, Pitbull-assisted song sounds exactly how I expected it to sound. Dance-pop song with a heavily synthesised beat and horribly auto-tuned vocals (Usher seeems to love auto tune at the moment). What im wondering though is recently Usher strongly criticized Jay Sean and Taio Cruz for bringing down the value of R&B music ; “How is Usher going to condemn Taio Cruz for bringing down R&B and his next single sounds just like a Taio Cruz song?” Thats just so damn true.

I can see this song being another smash for him because this is what is selling at the moment. No wonder horrible autotuned pop songs  like ‘The Club Is Alive’ and ‘OMG’ get to number one, because music fans are not questioning it , they just love regardless of what it sounds like. If people buy garbage, why do artists need to put in the effort of recording decent music with substance???

The song is catchy i must admit. BUT but but this is not classic Usher!

Take a listen to the song below:!


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  1. I agree completely. Usher is such a hypocrite to call out Taio Cruz and Jay Sean when lately he’s been making electropop just as bland and boring as they are.

    I do like this track much better than OMG and The Club Is Alive mainly because it’s written by pop genius Max Martin. But its still on par with Taio’s new single Dyanmite.

  2. Yeahh the track is betterr..

    Usher confuses me though.. Why make a point of criticizing Jay Sean & Taio Cruz & then carry on making the exact same style of music?

    Hypocritical right?

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