Check out this feature on an amazing up&coming artist ; Goes by the name of “EBRU”..

Ebru is a 20 yr old singer/songwriter who lives in London town. Since the young age of five she wanted to do nothing more than pursue her God given vision, which like many youngsters was to become a worldwide success in the music industry. However her vision did not end there, as she planned on really engaging people through her emotive voice and honest songwriting, just like the greats that have inspired her.

I came across her music just a few days ago and i was immediately hooked to her amazing voice. , its evident when listening to her she has a raw talent, lets hope her talent is fullfilled and she goes on to big and amazing things. Without a doubt she is one to look out for in 2010.

She has released a pre single ” Set Me Free” available for anyone to download on her website.She manages effortlessly to make the track her own and puts her own unique amazing spin on the track. This track has to become one of your favourites. I will be truly surprised if you dislike the song!!!!

Make sure you go to Ebru’s official website where you can download it NOW! GO GO GO!

Check out Ebru on the following links


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