New Music Video : Jason Derulo “What If”

R&B’s hottest new male star Jason Derulo has premiered the cinematic new video for single What IfWhat If is the fourth single to be taken from his debut album.

Watch below:

After three up-tempo song releases from his debut album, Derulo has this time slowed things down a bit with a smooth ballad which is a much needed change. The music video is engaging enough but the whole ‘Butterfly Effect’ theme to save the girl while Jason sacrifices their first time meeting her in order to save her from being car-bashed has been done way too many times. Still, I guess it still beats a lot of videos out there right now right? The video does however tug away at your heartstrings succesfully!!!

The US R&B scene looks quite promising at the moment with Derulo leading the forefront of R&B  stars alongside Trey Songz and the possibly resurgence of Chris Brown!!!


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  1. Ehhhh…This article is literally copy and pasted from my ‘What If’ article and from ThatGrapeJuice. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery.

    • Your article? For a start … When i click on your link to your blog it says its deleted so i wouldnt even be able to see your article! I’m merely providing information about the video , and if it was my thoughts i would have added “REVIEW” to the title!

  2. True it does say my blog is deleted when you click on my name. Its some kind of glitch. However, this was published on my blog a day before you.

    I also posted it under the pseudonym RandomEnigma on Unreality Shout so you could have got it from there either, I guess.

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