New Music Video – Maroon 5 “Misery”

This one is a bit late but its better late than never!!

Following closely on the heels of his Kylie Minogue video “All the Lovers,” veteran director Joseph Kahn has put together a clip for Maroon 5’s hit single “Misery” that shows a distinctly rougher side of love. Watch as lead vocalist Adam Levine is tossed around but miraculously comes back for more as fellow band members meet a more unpleasant fate. “Misery” is the first single from the upcoming album Hands All Over!!!

The video is a way over-the-top affair, full of cartoonish, wanton violence, nifty stunt work a

nd special effects, and a whole lot of good-natured wink-wink-ery. It is satisfying on many levels, particularly if you’re interested in seeing frontman Adam Levine beaten to a pulp, menaced by rocket launchers and tossed off a building into oncoming traffic. See, there’s plenty of folks out there who’d like to see Levine suffer some kind of bodily harm due to the fact hes handsome , gets all the girls and has sold millions of albums. You can’t blame folks for thinking that, on some level, he surely has this coming.

So, in “Misery” — directed by Joseph Kahn, everyone gets their wish. Levine is subject to all manner of brutality, dished out by a blonde beauty(AMAZING BLONDE BEAUTY i might add) who’s looking for revenge. He is menaced, pummeled, pushed, pulled and very nearly blown up. He is thrown from rooftops, his fall cushioned only by the crumpled hood of a car. It’s telling, however, that he suffers nary a scratch. Instead, it’s his bandmates who are the victims, catching knives in the back, bouncing off speeding cars and exploding on street corners … all of these fates, of course, meant for Levine.

Super video…EPIC! I hope this song goes number 1 :D



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