Q&A With The Beautiful Eliza Doolittle!

It’s like Eliza Doolittle was born to make music that’s perfect for summer. With the weather turning a little nicer this upbeat number has been unleashed to the world, proving Doolittle’s worth as the happy-go-lucky artist who formally bought us ‘Skinny Jeans’. The number called “Pack Up” reached number 11 in the charts , which Eliza was happy with!

Check out this lil interview where Eliza talks about her debut album , what her plans for her summer and what she likes to do in her spare time!!!!

Hey… Eliza how are you today? I am super dooper thanks, how are you ?

Yes im good thankyou ; First of all.. your single “Pack Up” is currently out now and recieving rave reviews. Tell us a bit about the single? ; It’s about being carefree and trying not to worry about the smaller things in life that we doo worry about sometimes.  Like what people think about us or making money.  There are lots of horrible things happening in the world and I think most of us, me included forget that sometimes.

For those who arent familiar Describe Eliza Doolittle to them? ; Best thing to doo to find out more about me is listen to my music and check out my blog I suppose.  – find it a weird thing to describe myself !  I’m the one with the curly hair !

Whats your expectations for the track?
I don’t have any expectations.  I always hope for the best I can doo !Last i heard youre just outside the top 10..

Would you be happy with a top ten chart position?
Of course I would be !  That would be amazing !

Your album is also set for release soon? When is the album release date and could you give us a lil taster of what we can expect from the album… (its bound to be amazing)
Ah thank you !  It is out now !!! Am so happy ! I think ‘pack up’ and ‘skinny genes’, my singles, represent the album well as it is very summery.  Lots of thoughtful and some hidden messages in my songs ..you have to hear it really !

You’re set to feature on several tours this summer… Are you excited for these tours?

Yes !  I’ve got lots of festivals coming up which I’m looking forward to like Secret Garden, V fest and Bestival.  Also am supporting Paloma Faith in November so really looking forward to that.  our guitarists are friends so am hoping for some jam sessions !

Who have been your major influences in your music?
I listen to a lot of different music and I like to think that it all influences me sub-consciously.  I love Stevie Wonder to Jeff Buckley to Destiny’s Child to Radiohead to Steely Dan to Vampire Weekend to the Beach Boys …hopefully it’s all whirling round in my brain and influencing me someway !

What does Eliza herself like to do her in her spare time outside of music?

I love football, not so much playing it although I doo give it a go !  I’m a huge Arsenal fan.  I also really love poker and I play with my friends.  – love going out dancing and seeing live music. All sorts x

Finally whats your favourite song at the moment? Janelle Monae – Tightrope!!!

Make sure you follow Eliza on Twitter at @eliza1doolittle

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  1. Great interview, I love ‘Pack Up’ and wow, that’s a pretty big scoop getting an interview with Eliza Doolittle, well done :)

  2. Pack Up is a lovely summer song!Her album is out now too… I havent had a chance to listen yet!
    Yes indeed im trying my best :D

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