Single Release impending for new boyband “The Wanted” with “All Time Low”!

I haven’t actually done a revieww for this track by “The Wanted” on the blog so with the single out in a matter of days now is probably a better time than any.

These new kids on the block are well on their way to boy band stardom with this new climactic offering ‘All Time Low’. The band are a five-piece born and bred here in the UK and are keen on challenging the pop title.

This, their first single has all the components that make up a pop classic. A beat that builds (perhaps a little too slowly) into a thumping chorus that stays in your head for a pretty long while afterwards. Atmospheric strings open the number which later evolves into a deep bass line which wouldn’t be out of place in a club. The boys’ vocals feature as the main point of focus and the synthesised backing bring it right up to the minute.

The video matches the moodiness of the song, and the boys of The Wanted are doing their thing in a run down factory. There’s a lot of boyband-ish gesturing and unified dancing going on – nowt wrong with that.

The band also have secured quite a lot of fans amonst the teenage generation which is expected. Remains to be seen whether they can achieve chart success with this first single. But hey i think they’ve got plenty of potential and should do very well indeed!!!!

Check out the performances ive featured previously too  here and here!
Check out the official video below as well!


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  1. I love this song, these guys are gonna be huge and they’re really nice too, I met them outside Key 103 plus I’m going to meet them again on Monday at their Manchester CD signing, here’s hoping it’ll be number one :D

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