Q&A With Talay Riley!

Talay Riley is stepping into the limelight and is ready to unleash his debut single “Humanoid”, Humanoid will be released on the 10th October! The track has already had a good response amongst fans and with radio airplay. Check out this lil interview with the man himself!

Hi Talay, How are you today?
I’m very good thank you!

Firstly your upcoming debut single recently had its first play on Radio 1 Xtra, how did that feel for you personally?
It was an incredible feeling for me, I actually missed it as I was in the studio so I listened to it online on Ras Kwame’s show but I’ve been waiting to hear my songs on the radio for a long time! I thought it sounded great. Hopefully this is the start of great beginnings!

What has the reaction been like to the song?
Yes I have had a lot of positive comments from fans on Facebook & Twitter who are eager for the song to be released! I’ve just shot the video so I can’t wait for the reaction that!

Can you tell us a bit about the single and why you chose this to launch your career?
For me I think its important for an artist to come with something fresh and different! Out of all the songs on my album I think Humanoid is the most original! It’s also quite left field and an unexpected choice but still keeps its relevance!

You’ve worked with some impressive acts to date, who have you been working with for the production of your album and how is that going?
I’ve actually only worked with 3 producers for the album , mainly 2! I’ve worked with a producer called Harmony who produced Chipmunk’s Look For Me! & also a guy called Inflo. They basically done half of the album each!

Does the album have a release date yet?
If it does I don’t know about it (laughs) , I’m just concentrating on the single release at the moment!

As cliché as it sounds, many feel you are the UK’s next big artist? Do you feel you can live up to that?
Really? I definitely feel can I live up to that! I’ve been working very hard on this, There isn’t many people in the UK who are like me so I’m quite happy to have been given this chance to show my music properly! There’s a lot of talent coming through so It’s an exciting time for UK music!

How do you feel you can differ from R&B acts all around the world..? What makes your music stand out from the rest?!
R&B is obviously a strong influence of mine but it’s not the only one! I’m inspired by country , indie and electro music. Those influences which are quite heavy in my album will be the definitive factor in my bid to stand out from the rest!

What’s the goal for your music for the next couple of years? The main goal is to be established as a GREAT ARTIST , someone who is here to stay and not a one hit wonder. I want to be someone who’s got the songs , who can write the songs and be someone who actually has something to say and prove! I want to change people’s moods – Make people feel better when they’re sad , sad when they’re happy etc!

Where do you see yourself this time next year ?!
I don’t really want to limit myself. Wherever my hard work takes me!

So is there any TV shows , Newspapers or Awards shows you’d like to be featured on at all?
I would definitely love to see myself performing at a big Awards show doing a crazy performance of “Humanoid” I think that would be a great achievement! Maybe the Brits or the Mobos!

Last but not least I would like to wish you all the success in the world for your debut single “Humanoid”. What’s your expectations for the track itself?
Thank you very much! I just really want to impact the UK and internationally. A number one would be lovely! As long as people know there is a new guy in town “Talay Riley”, as long as that happens I will be happy!!!

Big thanks to Talay Riley for taking the time out to answer these questions! Its much appreciated!!!” Check out Talay on the links below!

Twitter : http://twitter.com/TalayRiley

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TalayRiley

Official Site : http://www.talayriley.com/


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