Get A Glimpse Behind The Man Himself : Meet Quest The Artist :

A while back on the blog i featured an artist many might not be familiar with..

His name is Quest The Artist!!

I recently had the chance to catch up with Quest and talk a lot about his future plans for his music!!

Expect to see/hear a lot more of Quest The Artist in both the UK & US very soon!

Check out what he had to say below :

I’ve been pretty much addicted to your unique sound for a while now, Could you tell us a bit about your sound/music for those who are unfamiliar?

Hahaha! Good! I want people addicted to the music!

My music is collaboration between the genres. I have many music influences from Baroque period classical to underground electronic, plus I was raised in the Hop-Hop Generation. It’s an Electronic Hip-Pop Merge.

Has music always been your passion? Talk a bit about your influences/inspirations?

I have always been passionate about music. It has always been my ticket to freedom. Music is the freedom to feel exactly how you want in each moment, with no justification. There is nothing like a great song to let you know that how your feeling is ok and that someone else in the world feels the same way.

It’s been quite an emotional/difficult journey to this stage for you hasn’t it? You took the decision to try to make a career in Los Angeles for yourself, how much of a difficult decision was that?

I live an emotional life, that’s how I stay connected. If I was not connected I wouldn’t be capable of appreciating beauty or pain. I would never be able to write the type of songs I do if I was not connected, Actually, making a career in Los Angeles was not difficult for me. Prior to my move to LA, I’d had been dreaming and preparing for some of the moments all my life. What was tough was constantly being away from my loved ones, family and friends.

Why did you decide to make your first album available digitally for FREE? Some feel making anything available for free is a brave choice?!

Your right, many people still think I am crazy for offering the album on a free/donation basis. I just want people to have the music. I am a true believer that we must give before we receive. I trust that when I move into the next phases of my music career, the people will come out and be willing to donate themselves to the movement in a way that they can afford. Is it brave? nah. Confident.

How has the reaction been to your music? Has it been positive?

The reaction to the music and has been everything I expected. It’s been wonderful! The people who really go to bat for me are the types that love to hear something new with hints of familiarity. People that value creativity and innovation.

What’s your ambition for your music? Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I intend on being one of the greatest artist to come out of our time. This time next year I would have already made a decision on which label I would have made home and built a wonderful creative and business team to contribute in supporting the movement in it’s most positive light. I’ll be playing some shows and will have another project ready for release.

Do you have any plans to take your music to other countries? E.g. , The UK?

Yes. I was actually in the UK and Australia last year planting seeds before The–DigiSexSpaceLove-Project was released in the states. I love the UK to death and I have big intentions for international markets!

Last and not least id like to wish you all the success in the world in your quest to get your amazing music out there for the world to listen!

Thank you very much! Be well and continue loving and discovering music.

Follow Quest on Twitter @questtheartist

& Check him out on You Tube!


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