Meet an Up&Coming US Artist : Gabriel Antonio..

Gabriel Antonio is an American HipHop/Latin/R&B singer. He is most known for his remix to Lil Wayne’s song “lollipop” from his Tha Carter III album. Antonio is currently signed to the indie label Southline Records. His new single “Wasted like a Whiteboy” has gained him more notoriety online and through radio stations across the US.

I Heard a Saying Once. “If You Believe in Yourself, You Can Make Anything Happen.” – Gabriel Antonio

Hey man how are you today? Hope you’re well?
I am doing fine, thank you.  I’m currently on a tour bus headed down to Miami for a couple shows.

I’ve been a fan of your music for some time now since the earlier “All Night Long” & “Ride for me ” days how do you feel your music has changed since them days and do you feel it’s for the better?

I feel that I have grown as an artist, and so has my music.  I’ve paid my dues to come thus far.  I always make music, not only for myself but for my listeners,  I make music that I know they will listen to and love.  When I wrote “Ride For Me”, I was just beginning my journey, so it’s an amazing feeling to sit back and remember what I’ve done and How I’ve gotten to where I am today, sitting here on this tour bus.

You’ve come so far so since then, have you been amazed by all the good feedback and support to your music?
Yes, Indeed.  It’s awesome to see all the fans send me messages and letters.  I enjoy reading them, it’s what keeps me going.  City to City, I do it for all of my fans.  My favorite thing to do is to personally meet my fans, Especially the ones that say that I have changed their lives.  It’s a blessing to me.
Describe Gabriel Antonio’s sound to those who aren’t very familiar?
My Sound is exactly that, My Sound.  I am a mixture of no one but myself.  lol.  I lose myself into the sounds and the making of it all.  I don’t think of sounding like someone else, I just enjoying doing it for the love it.  To Describe it, I’d say it’s a new genre.  GA Music. lol.   I do it all, From Pop To R&B, From Latin To Country.  It all depends on my mood, I’m versatile.
Where do you draw the inspiration from for your songs?
My fans and Personal Experiences.  If I’m going through hard times then I’ll write about it, If I’m happy, I’ll write a fun song, it all depends on how I feel.  My fans are my inspiration.  I think very highly of them.

Talk a bit about your future plans? When’s the single/album dropping?
The Future for me is to be at the top of the Industry Latter.  I’m currently working on my first music video, and getting things ready for my album launch which should be coming soon,  I release a lot of songs just to stay in tune with my fans, and that seems to be working for now, but I guarantee, This album is like no other.  It’s very different and I love it all, I put my everything into it.
Are there any plans to release your music in any other countries worldwide – Maybe the UK?
Of Course!  It will be worldwide!  If I could release an album on Mars, I’d do it.  lol.
Got a little  special message to give to your fans? Show them some love?
I have to say thank you to all of you.  You have no idea how much you all mean to me, and I appreciate all the support from the thousands and thousands worldwide for my success thus far and for what’s to come.  I can’t wait to be on stage and be with all of you.  If I could, I’d meet all of you!  But If that doesn’t happen, just know that deep down, I do appreciate your support and I will always be here making more amazing music for all of you, now and for years to come.  Thank You From the bottom of my heart  – GABRIEL ANTONIO.
Follow Gabriel on twitter @GabrielAntonio

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