OK! Finally : The Preview for the New Nadine Coyle single has arrived!

I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of music fans when I say I’ve been eager to hear all this new music Nadine Coyle has been making!

She’s been telling us for ages and ages how busy she’s been in the studio for her debut album! I was beginning to think when or if we would hear the finished products.  But patience is eventually rewarded as i found when listening to the minute long preview that has been released today!

A 56-second snippet of Insatiable, the debut single from Nadine Coyle found its way online today and it is very very promising! Very exciting infact, from the 56 seconds we can tell its a sprinkle of many genres all fused into one, you got a bit of rock there , some pop elements, soul you name it , it’s there! The song “Insatiable” is certainly impressing and ticking a lot of boxes and yet its still only a preview! It’s a very BIG first solo effort well worth the wait with live horns, some electric guitar, and a massively infectious beat. Nadine predictably shines on the vocal side of things! Hardly surprising as its pretty common knowledge she was the one was the best voice out of the girls from Girls Aloud!

The best thing is it slots firmly into place in today’s music climate! Can’t think what the full song is gonna sound like! I’m excited and so you should be!

As far as Insatiable is concerned (to be released on November 8), the site’s press release reports that Coyle worked with William Orbit, Toby Gad, and Desmond Child on the 13 tracks that made the album, along with some as-of-yet unnamed newbies.

Follow Nadine on twitter for all the latest news @NadineWorldwide

Insatiable is set for a release potentially around the same time as Cheryl Cole’s new single “Promise This” – Hmm Interesting!!!


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