Spotlight is on Shontelle – Shontelle Brings her hit single “Impossible” to the UK!

It seems that this track from Shontelle has been out for an age and i havent featured it?

WOW! Well anyway Shontelle is gearing up to release the single in the UK in the coming weeks! If you were one of the many who liked “T Shirt” , then “Impossible” is definitely without a doubt for you! It’s even better! You get a glimpse of the vulnerable side to Shontelle in this offering. The song is simply about a love that has failed, and the heartbreak that comes with the aftermath. I could have sworn that the song was produced by Stargate because it has their typical drum beat (think ‘Sexy Love’, ‘With You’, and ‘Irreplaceable’) but it was actually produced by Arnthor Birgisson. Shontelle does not have the best voice, but she works with what she has very well. Lyrically and melodically the song is pleasing and very catchy!!!

With the track now a certified hit over in the States it was only right to hit the UK and see if the success can be replicated!

Sometimes you have to know when to move on — even if it pains you to do so.That’s the lesson rising pop diva Shontelle learns in the new video for her single, “Impossible,” the first from her sophomore album, No Gravity. The Bajan beauty finds herself coming in second place to her boyfriend’s (played by R&B newcomer Steph Jones) musical pursuits and has to figure out if love is enough to keep them together. When it becomes apparent that her own dreams are being swept aside for his, she makes the heartbreaking decision to go it alone.

Shot in LA by director Taj, the dramatic video is the perfect visual telling of the emotional ballad’s story. The track is expected to be released September 13th!

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