New Single Alert : Rihanna’s New Single Has Arrived : “Only Girl” (In The World)

RIRI IS Back!!! The single has arrived and boy is it good! It doesnt disappoint for sure! After all the tough times Rihanna has encountered in the past year you get the feeling she just wants to have some fun! With this new track its the perfect kind of track you can dance along and have a lot of fun to!

After a brief encounter with some deep dark downbeat and pretty emotional music during the Rated R era its a welcome return to some upbeat music! Some would say she’s come full circle by going back to the upbeat sounds which propelled her initally into the limelight and gave her huge success!

On the first listen of this track I was quite shocked that Stargate(producer of previous hits “Rudeboy” , “Take a Bow” etc) were the producers of the track because its not your average typical Stargate kind of production! It follows a similar theme many top artists are following these days with the euro pop style a strong focal point! Its a bit of a dancefloor smash thats for sure! I can just imagine this song blasting out in the clubs right now. Some would point to the fact that Rihanna is simply trying to copy the likes of Gaga by going for this style but Rihanna has played around with this style of music previously and most notably in the pre Gaga era. I think she’s just simply realised that this formula is working in the world of pop today like every other!

This will be certainly be a hit amonst all the top radio stations, without a doubt , i get the feeling they will be hastily arranging a new addition to all their playlists! Gotta deserve a spot on the A playlist surely? Its actually reminscent of the David Guetta produced “Commander” as it has the same sort of dance vibe to it!. “Only Girl” is a big ravey dance hall number complete with a big belter of a chorus from Ri Ri with her shouting out the the strong catchy lyric ” “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world”! I think a lot of people will like it because quite simply its a song which is relatable and current!

You certainly cant argue with Rihanna’s ability to keep churning out these tracks! Very catchy, almost certainly destined to be another smash! “Only Girl” is the lead single from Rihanna’s upcoming studio album due out in November, which is rumored to be titled Loud. Loving it. Only Girl’ looks to return to Rihanna’s radio-dominating sound, and in a big way!
About the new album, Rihanna had this to say:

I didn’t want to go backward and remake ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. I wanted the next step in the evolution of Rihanna.”
I’m gonna miss the ‘Rated R’ era too, but NOTHING compares to the album I just made.

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