New Music : Willow Smith.. That Family Just Gets Better & Better! Crazy Talented!

Remember the name folks – Willow Smith. Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

At just 9 years of age Willow Smith is the latest sign to the extensive talent collective at Jay Z‘s record label Roc Nation!

She was only born in 2000 and she has the audacity to create a tune like this. This is beyond amazing. No Joke! You may be quite surprised that someone so young has exploded into the limelight but trust me once you hear the song everything will be clear. All will make sense!

The song is called “Whip My Hair”. I could reel off so many adjectives to describe this song! Willow has got the whole music world talking about her! Listening to the song you would never guess it’s from a 9-year-old as its filled with so much swag and maturity!

I can’t really say anything about the track that will do it justice if im honest. Just know that you have to listen below!

In a brand new press release, here’s what Jay-Z had to say about his new signing below…

“We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious. It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age. Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career”.


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  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. music videos are nice because you have music and sort of a small movie describing the music ~~*

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