FULL Track Alert : Nadine Coyle – Insatiable!

So finally everyone has heard the full 3 minutes and 12 single first effort from the beautiful Nadine Coyle. As I said previously the snippet released last week was very promising and gave us a glimpse of what to expect. It showed that Nadine‘s amazing vocals were still ever-present and I thought it could be a lovely little pop number for her debut!

So when the full track premiered I wasnt disappointed and I don’t think many of Nudeen‘s fans were either. The track is nothing like what seems to be on non stop repeat on the radio these days which is a welcome change.I dont think I could imagine her doing anything other than pop if im honest! Nadine puts on a big brassy like production but relies on her killer vocals to make this song a hit! As i said previously this is a song which explores lots of different genres but will still slot firmly into today’s music climate!

All in all a great competnet solo effort from the ex Girls Aloud member (“If you believe tabloid rumours”)

Nadine’s unleashed her track.. Cheryl’s to follow Tuesday! Nice little battle brewing!


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