New Music : The Saturdays premiere their new song “Higher” also featuring Flo Rida!

You gotta hand it to those girls from The Saturdays, they will do anything to get their hands on a number one. After coming so close on numerous occasions they have enlisted the help of an american rapper who coincidentally has himself pipped them on two separate occasions previously. That american rapper is Flo Rida and he has added his own edge to the new single “Higher”. The song doesn’t really change hugely from the previous version its jut been reworked in the middle 8 to add in the rapping of feature man Flo-Rida.

The collaboration with Flo Rida came about after the rapper offered to work with the girl group – when he beat them to the number one spot in the singles chart for a second time earlier this year.

Flo said at the time: “If we could make a collaboration happen I would be up for that. I don’t know much about The Saturdays but we put smiles on people’s faces when we make music, which counts more than getting number ones.”

The Saturdays new single Higher (featuring Flo Rida) is released November 1st!

Do you think The Saturdays will finally get their Number 1?


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