New Music : Joe McElderry Unveils his new single “Ambitions”!

So then after spending the considerable amount of this year locked away in the studio Mr Joe McElderry has finally come up with his next single. The single was unleashed on to the public a few days ago after being premiered on Radio 1’s 5.19 show. Ambitions serves as the first official single from his upcoming debut album entitled “Wide Awake” – in stores on October 25th.

The track is not actually an original recording but a cover from Norwegian pop band Donkeyboy who recorded the original version. This group released it last year and became a #1 hit in Norway and Sweden. Questionable decision releasing a cover, but I guess Simon Cowell approved this for a reason. And besides you’d have to do a bit of research to find out it was a cover in the first place. I don’t think it really matters and shouldn’t impact on how well the track will perform chart wise. The song does everything a pop song should do. It’s a sort of Mika , Scissor Sisters and Darin style rolled into one, In other words in pop terms it’s a little bit special!

Joe really goes all out on the high notes as well. I’m interested to see Joe perform this live with the release date obviously tying in well with a return to the stage to which he launched his career last year.

Check the single out below :

The single is released 10th October. Joe faces stiff competition from the likes of Pixie Lott and Kings of Leon in his quest for his second number one?

Do you think Joe will do it? The video for the track will be released soon, reports claim the video is set to an all-singing, all-dancing affair. Impressive! He’s certainly got big ambitions!


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  1. I love this song, very brave for Joe to release a cover as his first song from the album but I think it’ll work. The video’s amazing too, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, I’ll be buying both that and the single :)

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