Q&A Interview with J Rice..

Introducing yet again rising star J Rice who has been racking up the views on his official You Tube channel! Check out this lil interview with the man himself as we talk about the music industry, his plans for the future and much much more!

Hey man sending greetings from the UK. How are you today?
Thank man, I’m doing great.

What inspired you to get involved in the music industry? Have you always wanted to be a singer?
It was kind of natural progression for me. I always loved music, and as I focused more on songwriting and production, I felt like I could make it in the business. I didn’t always want to be a singer. I actually started out playing the trumpet, and wanted to do that, but then around age 16 I started singing and it didn’t take long for me to hang up the horn and pick up the mic.

Out of all the artists in the industry today who are you most inspired by?
I’d say right now, honestly Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber. Gaga has managed to carve a unique niche for herself and Bruno is really bringing back singing and great songs. People like to hate on Justin, but he’s got real talent and I would be crazy to hate on someone who blew up on youtube first.

As an artist posting videos on You Tube do you feel inspired by the wave of success stories of artists being signed by record labels after posting their videos on You Tube?
I don’t know if I’d use the word inspired, but I’m definitely motivated from seeing success stories. I’m also watching them very closely to learn from any mistakes, they (their label) might make. I’ve never been the type of person who needs to learn from my own mistakes every time. I’d much rather learn from someone else’s; it’s faster.

I love your spin on all the popular hits you’ve covered in your You Tube videos, how do you think you would stand out from the rest if and hopefully when a record company comes calling and snaps you up?!
Thanks. I’m definitely a different type of artist, then most of the people who have gained success on youtube. I was a songwriter posting my own original songs for years on the net, before I started posting covers, so while I post covers, I’m writing my own original songs and also songs for other artists. When I sign a deal, the majority of the work for the first album will be done and ready to go straight to radio.

So you’re unsigned? Have you had any contact with record companies since the whole You Tube posting began?
I have had contact and am in contact right now. I’m part of the production team Phantom Boyz also, so I’m fortunate that I have more than one avenue to meet labels.

As an unsigned artist do you feel its difficult to get recognized and noticed in the music industry? How has this process been for you? Has it been difficultt at all?
I’ve found that to get noticed, you have to be doing something on your own. It’s really hard to make money with new artists, so the labels love it when you’ve already got a buzz going, and especially if you’re already selling a good amount of units on your own. I don’t focus so much on getting noticed, as I do creating great music or re-creating and arranging covers in a fresh way. So, it’s not difficult to me, because I love to do it. Now, if you ask “has it taken a long time” then that would be a big fat YES. Lol …Longer than anyone trying to get in to the industry would wait, unless they really loved what they were doing.

So then what does the future hold for J Rice?
The immediate future will be me posting more covers and original songs on my youtube page, while figuring out what to do with these labels. The way I look at it is; I’m growing everyday and selling more music every month. The longer they wait, the bigger the deal will be. In the mean time, I get to do what I love.

Your new album is currently on I Tunes now , could you tell us a bit about the album?
My new album, “The Covers, Vol. 1” is basically what it’s called. It’s a collection of songs I’ve re created over the last year. Some of the songs are mashups of two songs, and some I’ve even written my own verses to.

Now, to shamelessly plug my other album I released in May, is called “Phantom Boyz Present: J Rice” This is my music, 100% produced by the Phantom Boyz and 100% written by me. If you want to preview the songs, you can listen to them on my youtube page.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Good Luck for the future!


Below is J Rice’s latest You Tube posting which is a mashup of the popular hits Teenage Dream and Billonaire which are due to be featured on the season premiere of the ever popular series Glee! Check it out below :

Follow J Rice on Twitter @jricemusic , keep up to date with all his latest covers/news also on Facebook – J Rice!

Stay tuned for lots more news and videos from this rising talent, he’s sure to have a big future.


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  1. Thank you for a great interview. J Rice has touched my heart and won me over with his covers and originals. I’m a huge J Rice fan and love spreading his music everywhere! I can already see him making it, he deserves the best offer and to be sharing his music with everyone around the world..Once again thanks for posting this amazing interview, J Rice fan for life.. Holla Pala 24 Chicago IL

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