Shaheen Jafargholi announces details of his debut single “Last Train Home/Hip Teens”..

Remember little Shaheen Jafargholi who sang at Michael Jackson‘s funeral? Well, the 13-year-old Britain’s Got Talent star and Welsh warbler is releasing his eagerly anticipated debut single, Last Train Home/Hip Teens, on November 22.
This is certainly something to look forward to. Shaheen is an amazing young Welsh talent and I’m so glad he is finally releasing his own material.

So then what about the actual music Shaheen has been recording…..? Shaheen is set to release the song titled “Last Train Home” with “Hip Teens” as the B side to the single. Both tracks present Shaheen in a completely contrasting light which shows off his amazing versatility as an artist. IMO I think Shaheen is a born star and could be one of this year’s brightest new recording acts without a doubt!

Since the signing to Island Records in May, Shaheen has been busy working on the record in the US with superstar producers including Jerry Wonda, Igloo & TC, who have worked with the likes of Ludacris, Whitney Houston, Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Estelle and many more. In the UK, he has been working with big names such as Jimmy Hogarth and Martin Terefe, who have previously worked with Amy Winehouse, Duffy and James Morrison to name just a few. So big names he’s been working with then, thats impressive , you certainly get the impression that Island Records have extreme confidence in Shaheen to be the country’s next big star. I’m backing him all the way!

You can get a glimpse of his new music by checking the video out below...

For all the latest news follow Shaheen on twitter @shaheenofficial


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