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New Music | Rihanna Ft Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Part 2

After the hugely succesful Love The Way You Lie by Rihanna and Eminem, they’ve decided to go down the Empire State of Mind route with a broken down Part II. It’s pretty fantastic, its firmly on repeat on the iPod although im still unsure if it beats the original…? Initially a piano based broken down version of the track was recorded but then drums were added to give the song a new lease of life.

The song is produced by Alex Da Kid and will appear on Ri’s forthcoming album Loud, which drops in stores November 16th.
You can take a listen to the part II version below. What do you think….?


Tinchy Stryder – Game Over | Official Music Video |

It’s being hailed as one of the UK’s biggest grime tunes to date. I’ve been pretty excited about this track for a while and now the video has now been unveiled for all to enjoy!!

GIGGS, DEVLIN, EXAMPLE, PROFESSOR GREEN, TINIE TEMPAH and CHIPMUNK all appear on the track. The fact that Tinchy has gathered ALL these UK artists is no mean feat and shows the strength of UK music at the moment. It’s huge!!

Game Over is taken from the Tinchy’s forthcoming album Third Strike.

Judging by the reaction so far, the track is destined for chart glory… The result is the UK urban scene at it’s finest really!!

Check the newly premiered video out below….!

You’ve got the long awaited reappearance of Mr Shayne Ward , The 2nd single by Olly Murs , & Alexandra Burke’s 6th single in a big ‘X FACTOR Extravaganza post’

So then Shayne Ward is finally back into the limelight with his brand new single “Gotta Be Somebody”. The video shot in L.A has in the last week been premiered. Gotta Be Somebody is the official lead single from the anticipated upcoming third album “Obsession” which will available from November 15th – The rockish feel to the song has now been replaced with synth beats and a nice dose of auto-tune as you might know. Its grown on me I’ll admit that. As for the new music video, it’s a blatent Trey Songs approach. There’s not really much of a concept behind the video , just Shayne Ward dressed in not very much at all. There’s not much else you can say about it. Shayne is appearing on the X Factor this coming weekend in a bid to kickstart the hype for the new single/album era.

You can check the video out below….

Next we have the new single from the beautiful Alexandra Burke whose record company have decided to release the ballad influenced track “The Silence” from her debut album. The track will serve as the new release from her repackage of her “Overcome” debut album. The single noticeably has a few little differences to the original album track with some new adlibs and a little choir feature towards the end.. The video has also been premiered for us, so you can check that brand new video out below. The video is a perfect type of the video for the track , it blends and fits perfectly well with the black and white theme. Simple but it does the job!

LAST but not least the new video for Olly Murs’ latest single has also been unveiled recently.

‘Thinking Of Me‘ is the second single from his upcoming debut self-titled album which is released November 29th. It will be interesting to see if Olly can bag a second #1 hit in the UK with the new Steve Robson-produced single. As for the new music video, it’s a simple but effective visual effort! I don’t know what it is but when the videos for some songs are released you seem to like the track a little bit more. I wasn’t overly keen on the track previously but I think its a grower.. In the newly premiered visuals you see Olly putting himself in some pretty ‘risky’ life-threatening situations, you can see it for yourself below…!

That’s it for the X Factor themed post. Hope you enjoyed…!

Willow Smith – “Whip My Hair” | Official Video

Have you seen Willow Smith‘s “Whip My Hair” video yet? If you haven’t, where have you been…? You should check it sharpish.

Willow Smith whips her hair back and forth. We know this because she repeats it over and over in her video premiere, “Whip My Hair.” The song is catchy, well-produced and could easily fit into the pop world of today right in between Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Willow is now easily the most stylish 9-year-old girl in America (and maybe the world). The 9-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith filled Ryan Seacrest in on the meaning of the song. “You can’t be afraid to be yourself,” In Willow’s own words . “You have to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong!”

The fun video was directed by Ray Kay and also features a cameo from Willow’s big bro, Jaden Smith! The video is packed full of color and fun and is a video that will be watched over and over again; I especially like that the Whip My Hair lyrics are age-appropriate! The video starts off with a bunch of children who are in bland white clothes, which seem to be pretty boring. When Willow Smith comes out she dips her hair in some paint and starts bringing some color into the school. The concept of the song is that anyone who has hair can let loose and shake it and just have fun!!. The whole video is vivid and fun and full of life.

Brilliant effort from the 9 year old sensation!. It looks like this rising young star is going to have a full career ahead of her.  She is the REAL DEAL!

Check out the AMAAZING J J J essie J with her album title track ‘Who You Are’.

Right so I’ve been here for the last 5 minutes thinking of  amazing journalistic terms to describe this new Jessie J song – Who You Are. And I’ve decided that journalistic terms won’t cover it, I could reel off so many superlatives to describe this amazing talent going by the name of J J J essie J! It’s just wow.. The lyrics , the voice , it all combines to blow my mind. I’m literally so excited about her music.

I’ve been waiting for this track to arrive online in its full entirety for a long while now and now it’s arrived…., has it been worth the wait…?

You betcha right it has!

Expect Jessie J to be one of the most talked about artists in 2011. She has arrived in full force.

She is currently getting ready to release her debut single Do It Like A Dude which is expected for release in December!!!

Make sure you check the track out below.