Aggro Santos | Like U Like featuring Kimberley Walsh..

Fresh from a pretty unexpected stint in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle , rapper Aggro Santos is gearing up to release his next single which has a lovely little feature on it. Aggro has roped in a beautiful Girls Aloud member in the shape of Kimberley Walsh. Pretty unexpected collaboration to be perfectly honest. The song is pretty similar to Aggro’s previous commercial hits in the fact that it’s a decent little up-tempo pop number, nothing more nothing less!. It’s also evident that Aggro really does need the big female features on his tracks because without them they just wouldn’t have the same effect. The video clip for the track is pretty basic , with Aggro and Kimberley enjoying some time speed-dating , although im not sure what that has to do with the track itself.

This track is available for download and physical release towards the end of January.

Do you think this track could serve up a decent charting position for Mr Aggro Santos..? Who knows ey?


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