Cheryl Cole | The Flood

I missed this one as I was having a break when it was premiered but here it is now anyway for all you Cheryl Cole fans. The Flood is set to be the second single from her new album “Messy Little Raindrops” which is out now!

The video was filmed against the dramatic backdrop of white cliffs on England’s south coast. In the video , you see Cheryl ditching the glitzy glamorous outfits and energetic dance routines and showing off a more vulnerable side insteadCole is seen in the video alone in a remote house, overlooking the stormy ocean with the white cliffs of England’s south coast in the distance.

The Flood is big  musical change for Cheryl, as she spends the video walking the shores alone, and in one scene, is seen tossing and turning in bed, as the lyrics suggest her lover has drowned in a shipwreck where she couldn’t save him. Cole also dons a gorgeous green gown in another part of the video, as she appears to be portraying a mermaid at sea.

Visually it’s definitely Cheryl Cole’s best efforts yet, it’s a stunning visual piece.

The song is not due for release until 3rd January! But I’m betting on another chart success for the beautiful Cheryl Cole!



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