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Spotlight on UK Artists : #DJ Ironik Unveils his brand new single – Feat Jessica Lowndes!

DJ Ironik is back with his brand new single “Falling in Love” which features 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes. The track is an upbeat affair centering around a falling in love theme!! I think it’s particuarly interesting how these UK rappers are all following the theme of enlisting the help of a woman for the vocals on the tracks! Chipmunk’s done it , Aggro Santos , Roll Deep! It seems to be really working for them so hey can’t complain at all! The video has already been shot and is expected to be premiered in the next few weeks!

I think this year could be a big year for DJ Ironik as he is also set to embark on his first headline tour! Exciting!

Follow Ironik on twitter @DJIronik & Jessica Lowndes @realjlowndes

Falling In Love is set to be released on the 25th October!

I think this track could follow the theme of UK music doing so well this year!

Listen to “Falling in Love”


The video to Talay Riley’s Debut Single “Humanoid” is here!”

20-year-old urban pop artist Talay Riley will release his debut single ‘Humanoid’ on 4th October through Jive Records. The video has just been premiered exclusively by SBTV! You can check the video out below!

A year ago, Talay had his first UK #1 single with Chipmunk’s ‘Oopsy Daisy’, a song he wrote, following it with a UK Top 10 as a featured artist and co-writer on Chipmunk’s ‘Look For Me’. Impressive start to his music career.

After being signed up by a record company following that success Talay is finally ready to unleash his Debut single ‘Humanoid’onto us. Its a perfect taster of what is to come from Talay Riley. It is a dark and edgy urban pop track that merges robotic beats, cutting edge production and a killer chorus to create a song that is instant and exciting. With a surprisingly big American sound for such a young UK artist, it is already causing a buzz online from LA to the UK.

Having already toured with N-Dubz earlier this year along with performances at Wireless festival, on a line-up with the likes of Jay-Z and Chase & Status, and the Underage Festival, Talay has started out on his own headline dates across the UK. His debut album is expected to be released in early 2011 and he is currently working in the studio in the UK and LA with a host of producers including Inflo 1st (The Saturdays, One Republic), Harmony aka H-Money (a member of Darkchild Productions in LA responsible for Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ amongst others) and Rodney Jerkins. Expect to hear the name “Talay Riley” lots more for sure on this website! Humanoid’ is an exciting taster of whats to come from this UK artist!! Definitely an exciting time for UK R&B with the likes of Talay Riley , Loick Essien & Labrinth stepping into the spotlight!!!!

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Follow Talay on twitter :  @TalayRiley

Check out the Q&A i done recently with the man himself – HERE!

Q&A With Talay Riley!

Talay Riley is stepping into the limelight and is ready to unleash his debut single “Humanoid”, Humanoid will be released on the 10th October! The track has already had a good response amongst fans and with radio airplay. Check out this lil interview with the man himself!

Hi Talay, How are you today?
I’m very good thank you!

Firstly your upcoming debut single recently had its first play on Radio 1 Xtra, how did that feel for you personally?
It was an incredible feeling for me, I actually missed it as I was in the studio so I listened to it online on Ras Kwame’s show but I’ve been waiting to hear my songs on the radio for a long time! I thought it sounded great. Hopefully this is the start of great beginnings!

What has the reaction been like to the song?
Yes I have had a lot of positive comments from fans on Facebook & Twitter who are eager for the song to be released! I’ve just shot the video so I can’t wait for the reaction that!

Can you tell us a bit about the single and why you chose this to launch your career?
For me I think its important for an artist to come with something fresh and different! Out of all the songs on my album I think Humanoid is the most original! It’s also quite left field and an unexpected choice but still keeps its relevance!

You’ve worked with some impressive acts to date, who have you been working with for the production of your album and how is that going?
I’ve actually only worked with 3 producers for the album , mainly 2! I’ve worked with a producer called Harmony who produced Chipmunk’s Look For Me! & also a guy called Inflo. They basically done half of the album each!

Does the album have a release date yet?
If it does I don’t know about it (laughs) , I’m just concentrating on the single release at the moment!

As cliché as it sounds, many feel you are the UK’s next big artist? Do you feel you can live up to that?
Really? I definitely feel can I live up to that! I’ve been working very hard on this, There isn’t many people in the UK who are like me so I’m quite happy to have been given this chance to show my music properly! There’s a lot of talent coming through so It’s an exciting time for UK music!

How do you feel you can differ from R&B acts all around the world..? What makes your music stand out from the rest?!
R&B is obviously a strong influence of mine but it’s not the only one! I’m inspired by country , indie and electro music. Those influences which are quite heavy in my album will be the definitive factor in my bid to stand out from the rest!

What’s the goal for your music for the next couple of years? The main goal is to be established as a GREAT ARTIST , someone who is here to stay and not a one hit wonder. I want to be someone who’s got the songs , who can write the songs and be someone who actually has something to say and prove! I want to change people’s moods – Make people feel better when they’re sad , sad when they’re happy etc!

Where do you see yourself this time next year ?!
I don’t really want to limit myself. Wherever my hard work takes me!

So is there any TV shows , Newspapers or Awards shows you’d like to be featured on at all?
I would definitely love to see myself performing at a big Awards show doing a crazy performance of “Humanoid” I think that would be a great achievement! Maybe the Brits or the Mobos!

Last but not least I would like to wish you all the success in the world for your debut single “Humanoid”. What’s your expectations for the track itself?
Thank you very much! I just really want to impact the UK and internationally. A number one would be lovely! As long as people know there is a new guy in town “Talay Riley”, as long as that happens I will be happy!!!

Big thanks to Talay Riley for taking the time out to answer these questions! Its much appreciated!!!” Check out Talay on the links below!

Twitter :

Facebook :

Official Site :

Introducing Talay Riley’

After writing Chipmunk’s #1 ‘Oopsy Daisy’ and featuring on ‘Look For Me’, Talay Riley signed to Jive late last year and has been spending the large portion of his time since beginning the process of writing his debut album with several high profile producers.

Exciting news to come however as Talay is set to release his first single. ‘Humanoid‘ is his debut single in October and it received it’s debut play on Radio 1 & 1xtra last weekend. You can get yourself a preview of the video below! Yes i know its only 9 seconds , but just take a look regardless.

Talay has also been keeping himself busy by working on projects with Tinchy Stryder, JLS, Chipmunk, Justin Beiber, EJ, Jamie Foxx, Tiny Tempah and Lemar. AND HE IS 19, REMEMBER. Loving the workrate!!

Definitely a bright future for Talay Riley. One to look out for undoubtedly.

Interview to follow in the next few days!!

For the latest on Talay Riley check out the below links!

Facebook –

Twitter :

Get the BRAND New FREE Mixtape from Chipmunk & Wretch 32 – More Fun

Check out the brand new mixtape from Chipmunk & Wretch 32 … Chip is currently killing it , and is featuring at all the major festivals this summer, after that he will be taking a break before returning next year with his second album which hes been talking up a lot.

Check out what you think of the mixtape by downloading below. My personal favourite is Last One Standing which features Loick Essien on the hook.–Wretch-32—

Summertime Ball 2010 – Chipmunk ft. Esmée Denters (Until You Were Gone)

Capital FM Summertime Ball 2010 with Chipmunk and Esmée Denters! Watch their performance of their hit single UNTIL You Were Gone below :)

What did you think of their performance? :)

Interview : UK R&B Star Nathan..

Our very own UK R&B star is back with a new single “Caught Me Sipping”  which, is due for release on 5th July 2010. I recently had the chance to ask him some questions. Check it out below.

Hey ive been a big fan of your music since the Early Do Without My Love Days , Its been a little while since that hit, What have you been doing since then? And are you excited to be back?
Well since I’ve been gone I moved to America for a bit to expand my network and work with new people and did some growing up as well lol

UK music is on a high right now, But there’s not many UK R&B artists, do you feel you can be at the forefront of that genre in the UK?
I definitely think the UK Scene is Heavy rite now I hope to establish myself as the premier UK R&B artist but more importantly I want to transcend any genre barriers, that’s what great artists do like Beyonce, Kanye, MJ, Gaga etc

Is there plans for a new album? And when is it likely to be released?
My new album should b out in September… its gonna be sick loll

How did you recent collaboration with Rapper Flo Rida come about?
We did a show together and I played the song at an after party and he was feeling it so I asked him to be on it with me and the rest is history!!

Would you love to collaborate/duet with artists such as Tinie Tempah & Chipmunk who have been really impressing this year?
The door is always open for UK collabs, I’m actually in the process of setting up a collab with me and Tinie Tempah.

Do You Write your own songs? And where do you find the inspiration to write these tracks?
I get my inspiration from all different places when I’m writing or collaborating… This new album is more fun and deeper.

Your new single is out July 5th! Whats your ambitions for this track? How well do you see it doing in the charts?

I just want to signify that I’m back in the best way possible.

And BOY is he definitely back with a bang. LOVE THE NEW SINGLE. If you havent heard the single check it out below :

Or alternatively head straight to his You Tube Page where you can see several acoustic performances of the new track.

For all up to date news on Nathan’s music Follow him on twitter here & you can also find him on facebook!

Chipmunk – Until You Were Gone Feat Esmee Denters LIVE!

Check out the amazing performance of Chipmunk’s song Until You Were Gone with Esmee Denters which was featured on Day 1 of Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Bangor in North Wales.

ENJOY! :) x

New Video : Chipmunk – Superstar!

UK rapper Chipmunk has recently shot the video for a track called “Superstar.” The track is a song off the repackaged platinum edition of his album. The track is an indication of the direction Chip is heading in for his second album.

He also revealed the video for the track was funded personally by himself cos he believes in the track so much and he wanted to repay the fans for the support shown by helping Until You Were Gone , a track featuring Esmee Denters to chart at number 3.

You can also check out the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot here.

New Music : JLS teases with ‘The Club Is Alive’ snippet…

Epic Records have officially confirmed that the new JLS single ‘The Club Is Alive’ will premiere on the radio at 8am Monday, May 10th!

The snippet was unvelived today and the song ‘The Club Is Alive’ heavily uses synthesizers, progressive electronic sounds, robotic effects and features a lot of dance elements and makes use heavily of autotune – which lots of artists are doing right now. Im not sure about the track personally, it may grow on me!

The track is produced by Steve Mac and written by Mac, Andrew Frampton and Savan Kotecha. It  uses a popular sample from the classic Julie Andrews musical ‘The Sound of Music’.

The popular boyband have already shot the music video for the single in LA and are expected to release a second single right before the album drops in November. I think it’s quite smart that they are striking whilst the iron is still hot. Releasing a summer single before their arena tour starts will definetely keep the buzz going with their ever growing fan base , both in the U.S & the U.K.

New Release : I Am Chipmunk Platinum Edition…

The I Am Chipmunk Platinum Edition is released on Monday , and features 4 brand new tracks.

“Until You Were Gone” the duet with Justin Timberlake protege Esmee Denters recently reached #3 in the charts which gives Chipmunk another top ten chart success. He’s now had 6 top ten singles in a year , which is pretty impressive from the young man.

The other tracks are Superstar , Uh Ay & History. The track superstar will now have a video after Chipmunk stated on twitter that if Until You Were Gone went top 3 in the charts then he would fund a video for superstar himself cos he believes in the track so much.

The two tracks below are an example of what you can expect from Chippy’s next album in 2011.

Music Video : Chipmunk Until You Were Gone feat. Esmee Denters..

London rapper Chipmunk and Dutch Pop singer Esmée Denters have collaborated on a very radio-friendly song entitled “Until You Were Gone.” The single is for the re-release of Chipminks debut album which hit music outlets on April 19 under the title I Am Chipmunk Refill. The song was produced and written by Frasier T. Smith and James Morrison.

This is another radio friendly track, with a catchy chorus. The melody is sweet and is definitely a feel good song. The only slight reservation is that it follows the same formula that brought UK underground artists success last year (3 clean, love oriented verses with a female vocalist on the chorus) but i suppose it could work to his advantage yet again!!

Nonetheless, good track, nice video.