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Diana Vickers with her incredible new video “My Wicked Heart”..

The lovely beauty that is Diana Vickers will shortly be reissuing her debut album ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ with some new brand new material added in. How excited am I? The answer – errr very excited!

Whoopsy Daisy! It’s a bit late to arrive to the blog, too late in fact but it’s finally arrived, and I love the video!  its FANT-ABOULOUS! (not even a word I know) but in Diana’s case I just can make them up, she’s that super! I think the theme was a very clever choice. The circus theme just kinds of fits perfectly with the song! GENIUS! Diana Vickers is a gorgeous young girl and you really get to see and appreciate that in the visuals to the song!

“My Wicked Heart” will be released in the UK on October 18th. WHOOP!

She is set to perform the track on this week’s results show edition of the X Factor…Happy days.

Check the video out below. I have a sneaky feeling you won’t be disappointed at all.


Diana Vickers Announces Details of her 3rd single.

Miss Diana Vickers has officially announced the details of her next single!! The single will be her 3rd release, and is set to be a  release of a brand newww track!! Speaking on a live Ustream chat with fans, the singer revealed that ‘My Wicked Heart’ will be available to download on October 24. A physical release follows the next day.

Vickers said: “The third single is a brand new track which none of you have heard and I’m really excited about this. It’s called ‘My Wicked Heart’.I’ve been working with this really great writer Dee Adams and a really, really great producer called James Earp. I went into the studio and was mooching around and we ended up writing ‘Wicked Heart’.

“I was so excited about it and just so enthusiastic and I always think – since I started and I recorded the first album – that I’ve grown so much, my voice has become stronger and I loved doing all my live shows.

“I just wrote the track and I thought it was so wicked and I couldn’t wait to show you all. So we’ve got it as the third single and I’m really excited about it.”

The former X Factor star’s debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree will also be re-released with the single and other new tracks on November 1.

Music Video : Diana Vickers – The Boy Who Murdered Love..

Diana Vickers has returned to the charts with her latest single, The Boy Who Murdered Love.I will be honest, it really does have the same feel as Once. But i love that song, so all is forgiven! Check her out in the video below as she drives herself mad getting over this boy in her GORGEOUS bedroom…

Love the song, but i have to wonder, what kind of boy would be stupid enough to break this girl’s heart?!

What do you think of this? Is it as good as Once? Comments, please…

I quite like the track and think it could do as well as ONCE!

She really has gained a lot of support recently , I hope this song is succesful for her!!

Diana Vickers is only gonna let you kill her “Once” Check it out ;

Diana Vickers has recently been celebrating Number one success with her debut single ONCE!

The single once went straight in at number one to prove once again that there can actually be life after X Factor for contestants who dont win the competition. The album will now follow , and shes also set to go on a UK tour ,  & even joining JLS on several dates of their arena tour this year.

Looks like 2 years is definitely worth the wait eh?  for Miss Diana Vickers.