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Promo Video Alert : Willow Smith Unveils ‘Whip My Hair’ Teaser!

Willow Smith made moves earlier this month not only signing with Hip Hop star Jay-Z’s Roc Nation but, releasing a hit buzz single “Whip My Hair”.Willow comes from a family full of movie stars and pretty big household names but for some reason i get the feeling that Willow Smith could emulate their success and make her a household name outright and become the biggest star of the family!!

She’s recently made the teaser clip available for viewing for her ever-growing fan base. The clip is a compilation of photos  showing Willow Smith in a variety of bold stunning outfits with some very unique hairstyles!

Willow, whose fashion idol is Rihanna, has taken the R&B world by storm with her debut single. In the track produced by newcomer Jukebox, the 9-year-old can be heard belting out encouragement to fellow gals to snap their heads back and forth and whip that hair like a helicopter.

Willow certainly has a long and bright future ahead of her!


NEW Music : Alexis Jordan Gets ready to release her first single “Happiness” to the UK!

We featured the beautiful talents of Alexis Jordan a while back on the blog. She is now preparing for the release of her first single “Happiness” here in the UK!

Alexis Jordan, is head-over-heels, earth-move-under-her-feet (literally!) in love in the video for her debut single, “Happiness.”

The 18-year-old powerhouse, who was once told she’s an amazing singer by the one and only Simon Cowell, is signed to Jay-Z and super-producing duo StarGate‘s Star Roc imprint distributed through Sony, and plans to release her genre-crossing debut album later this year.

Look for StarGate, who provided the ethereal dance beat for “Happiness,” to bless the album with more of their chart-topping productions.

Follow Alexis on twitter @AlexisJordan. The single will be released October 17th.

Whilst she has been in the UK Alexis also performed a special acoustic performance for SBtv! You can check it out here!

New Music : Willow Smith.. That Family Just Gets Better & Better! Crazy Talented!

Remember the name folks – Willow Smith. Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

At just 9 years of age Willow Smith is the latest sign to the extensive talent collective at Jay Z‘s record label Roc Nation!

She was only born in 2000 and she has the audacity to create a tune like this. This is beyond amazing. No Joke! You may be quite surprised that someone so young has exploded into the limelight but trust me once you hear the song everything will be clear. All will make sense!

The song is called “Whip My Hair”. I could reel off so many adjectives to describe this song! Willow has got the whole music world talking about her! Listening to the song you would never guess it’s from a 9-year-old as its filled with so much swag and maturity!

I can’t really say anything about the track that will do it justice if im honest. Just know that you have to listen below!

In a brand new press release, here’s what Jay-Z had to say about his new signing below…

“We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious. It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age. Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career”.

New Feature on the Beautifully Talented Alexis Jordan”

Artist: Alexis Jordan   Label: Star Roc/Roc Nation   Single: “Happiness”  >>  Official Website

What They Say: “The moment Alexis walked into our studio we just got that special feeling,” says Tor of the hit-making production team, Stargate. “It was a Blink-moment, ‘This girl’s got it, let’s make a record’.” We didn’t know the depths of Alexis at the time, but as we were making the record it became clear to us that not only is she a world class singer, but she is a smart, confident, all-around entertainer with a big future.

What We Say: The desire for a hit artist from Roc Nation is high on Jay Z’s priority list. With two of the best producers, Stargate (Beyonce, Rihanna) behind the album and giving her age (18) this could be an easy winner. The trick with Alexis Jordan is the music and her debut single, “Happiness” doesn’t pack enough punch to keep the industry and consumers begging for an album. The saving grace is Alexis Jordan can sing ten times better than some of the latest teen scene-stresses on the market. Alexis Jordan and Star Roc/Roc Nation is definitely one to watch in the fall of 2010.

Take A Listen / See What you think?

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Alexis embodies the new spirit of America with her rich cultural background that includes her father’s Puerto Rican heritage and her mother’s African American, Native American and European ancestry. Singing since she began to speak and songwriting since she was in 3rd grade, at age 11, Alexis moved with her parents and three younger siblings to Santa Clarita, California to pursue a career in the arts. After performing the National Anthem for the United States Air Force Academy, the extremely talented, young singing phenomenon started to attract a ton of attention. Soon, she was asked to sing at the start of various professional baseball games, which quickly gave way to bigger and better opportunities.

At age 14, she entered the Simon Cowell produced T.V. competition, America’s Got Talent and made it all the way to the semi-finals thanks in part to a thrilling performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” “When I got off stage after singing ‘I Have Nothing’ Simon said, ‘You are an amazing singer,’” says Alexis. “At the time I was crying, like oh my gosh, Simon Cowell! It’s a little girl’s dream to be singing for him so I was just so overwhelmed.”

With sharpened performance skills and more confidence than ever, the family travelled to Atlanta, Georgia for its burgeoning music scene and hotbed of talented producers. Alexis began making YouTube videos in between professional appearances. Although it would be these same online clips that would eventually land her the recording deal she wanted, Alexis was never crazy about the idea of singing in front of a computer. “I was like, Mom, this is so not cool!” remembers Alexis. “Kids don’t sing in front of cameras, it’s weird. It didn’t feel natural at all! But after I did it for a little while I thought it was fun.”

In September of 2008, her Youtube page was racking up millions of views. At that time, the multi-platinum, award-winning production and writing team, Stargate, contacted Alexis. The hit makers responsible for 1 hits such as Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” and Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent,” who entered into a partnership with Roc Nation forming Star Roc, made arrangements to fly the multi-talented singer out to New York for a meeting and recording session. “I thought if they didn’t love me then they wouldn’t fly me all the way out to New York,” says Alexis. “I knew I had a good chance. Once I got out there we recorded a few songs and JAY-Z came to the studio. I was so excited! And the next thing I knew I was signed to StarRoc/Roc Nation.”

Now that Alexis has had the chance to work with some of the industry’s most sought after hit makers, she is getting ready to release her debut album which is a universal collection of songs that not only displays her tremendous voice, but also conveys the constructive message she feels is missing in mainstream music today.
On the LP’s first single “Happiness,” Alexis belts out a beautiful song about self-joy and empowerment over Stargate’s up-tempo track that will have listeners immediately singing along. “Good Girl” showcases Alexis’ sassy side as she sings, “I can be a good girl, but I’ve been bad before,” in between the upbeat, bouncing track where she flexes her wide ranging and powerful vocal capability. Then on “How You Like Me Now,” Alexis struts her stuff and let’s us know that success is always within her reach and that she is better than ever.

“I want to be really positive, no cussing, none of that,” says Alexis. “I’m a young artist and I want to be a role model. A lot of songs are upbeat, and some are ballads. There’s a little bit of that country vibe in it, and a little bit of that reggae vibe. My album really has everything.”

With a debut as diverse as her own background, Alexis Jordan will not only impress each and every person who listens to her album, but she also hopes to inspire them as well.

“I’m bringing something fresh, something new and something positive to the world,” she says. “Something that is going to leave a mark on history and music. We are going to make this international. That’s my goal, it’s going to spread all around the world.”

Album Review : Drake – Thank Me Later…

It seems like Drake has been around for so long , a Grammy nominated mixtape and performing with some of music’s biggest names all before a first album , that sounds impossible but Drake has produced. Good news though however Drake is finally releasing his long awaited his debut album “Thank Me Later.”

Arguably one of the most anticipated albums of the year, the 14-track record is much of what we have come to expect from the Toronto native . Yes, there is a lot of singing, but you cant argue with the fact Drake certainly knows how to create a good beat for his songs. With production from the likes of Timbaland, Kanye West and Swizz Beatz, the 23-year-old pretty much cooked up a very impressive recipe for commercial success. Perhaps the most blatant introduction to his career altering year is the lead single “Over,” . The thoughtful club ready track has an intro that sounds as if it was in a different decade, but it adds a little bit of todays kinda style to make the appeal even stronger.

Drake whilst
proving that hip-hop can have a softer side eases on down the road of melodic “cushiness” by way of “The Resistance” . On the Alicia Keys assisted “Fireworks”calls out Rihanna for their very public yet very brief affair) but once he makes his way to “Find Your Love,” he is in full-fledged R&B mode. Its admirable the transition he makes from singing to rapping. Among the most daring songs on the album is “Karaoke” its so interesting because (besides Drake’s ability to tell a story so crystal clear that visualizing it is effortless), he displays a  skill for jumping in one lane then another without making us feel like he’s trying to be something he’s not.

As expected Kanye West earns every inch of his production credit on the medium-tempo “Show Me A Good Time,” a song complete with record scratches, middle register piano keys and Drake’s knack for a southern inspired lyrical delivery that comes together to form perfection. By the time his Young Money counterparts Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne lend their voices to two tracks, the album seems to push itself to a whole different level as bass beats and a hint of reverb collide with well earned conceit. Drake even goes so far as to pledge his love for Minaj on “Miss Me” featuring Lil Wayne but plays coy when he’s paired with her on “Up All Night.” Other ear catchers include the “Light Up” in which Drake understandably takes a backseat to Jay-Z’s appeal but the quality of collborations on the album has impressed me particularly.

Drake has his own very clear definition of Greatness , a style newbies would be scared to try and produce. Impressive!

UPDATE : Drake released his official debut album “Thank Me Later” in the States yesterday. According to Billboard, the album is poised to be one of 2010’s top-selling albums and is projected to sell in the range of 425,000 to 475,000, if not more, by the end of the week. If it moves as much as sources think, it’ll mark one of the biggest sales weeks of the year for a single album.

Music News : Labrinth Signs To Simon Cowell’s Record Company..

Producer and singer Labrinth today announced he has signed a recording deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco record label. In addition, the 21 year-old from Hackney also inked a label deal under the guise of Odd Child/ Syco, through which he and his manager, Marc Williams, will discover and nurture new talent.

Lab is the first artist of his kind to sign to Syco, which houses the likes of Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Il Divo and Westlife. It is also the first time in 6 years Syco have signed an artist unrelated to their TV platforms. This marks an exciting time not only for the super-talented superstar-in-waiting, but also for the UK urban scene as a whole.

“This is a crucial moment in my career, I’ve always been an ambitious and driven person and Simon has given me a bigger playing field,” said Labrinth of the signing. “I’m gonna show Uncle Sy a whole new world!”

It’s already been an incredible year for Lab, who celebrated a No.1 single with Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out back in March, while this week the pair hit No.2 with Frisky. Both tracks, produced by Lab, also feature his vocals.

Labrinth’s first single will be the defiantly original, feel-good, Let The Sunshine, due to be released Summer 2010. An album will follow, and meanwhile Labrinth will also be concentrating on finding and nurturing new talent for his Odd Child/ Syco imprint.

A big congrats to Lab and his management team for such an incredible deal. We look forward to hearing the results of the signing over the summer. At the moment the talented producer is working on tracks for JLS and Pixie Lott and has future projects in the works with Jay-Z, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole. Also watch for one of his tracks on Professor Green’s forthcoming album, Alive Till I’m Dead.

Here’s Lab and Tinie performing Frisky on BBC 1’s Live Lounge earlier this week.

Source :

Tinchy Stryder Signs Deal With Jay Z…

Finally all the rumours have been confirmed! Tinchy Stryder is set to go into business with Jay -Z it was revealed today.

Tinchy hinted on his Twitter that he was to meet the hip hop mogul at his show in Manchester on Monday night, and after finally meeting him for the first time, it has been confirmed the two have signed a big-bucks deal.

Jay-Z’s “Roc Nation” has signed Tinchy’s management company in it’s first European venture. The new leg of the company will be called Takeover Roc Nation and will release records with Sony Music and tickets with Live Nation.

Tinchy also met Beyonce & Drake for the first time during his brief meeting in Manchester.

The UK rapper is currently in Barbados filming his official single from upcoming album “Third Strike”. The single is called “In My System” and is due to be released in summer.

Congrats Tinch!