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Jessie J | Do It Like A Dude

Jessie J is a name that is on everyone’s lips at the moment. She is capturing lots of attention with her standout to die for voice quite rightfully!

Recently she released the video for her debut single Do It Like A Dude which eventually reached the top #30 in the UK charts with absolutely minimal promotion.It’s one of those songs that does good whatever the promotion, it’s just that good! Stomp Stomp she’s arrived indeed.

Outfitted with spiky black diamonds on her lips and her signature bob, the British singer-songwriter mean mugs in an underground club while dancing with a gang of boyish dancers. Get acquainted with the U.K.’s hottest new export because she is here to stay !

One word – Fierce. A great effort for a first video. Look forward to hearing and seeing a lot more of J J Jessie J!


Check out the AMAAZING J J J essie J with her album title track ‘Who You Are’.

Right so I’ve been here for the last 5 minutes thinking of  amazing journalistic terms to describe this new Jessie J song – Who You Are. And I’ve decided that journalistic terms won’t cover it, I could reel off so many superlatives to describe this amazing talent going by the name of J J J essie J! It’s just wow.. The lyrics , the voice , it all combines to blow my mind. I’m literally so excited about her music.

I’ve been waiting for this track to arrive online in its full entirety for a long while now and now it’s arrived…., has it been worth the wait…?

You betcha right it has!

Expect Jessie J to be one of the most talked about artists in 2011. She has arrived in full force.

She is currently getting ready to release her debut single Do It Like A Dude which is expected for release in December!!!

Make sure you check the track out below.

New Music : Jessie J Do It Like A Dude…

Ladies and Gents Jessie J has well and truly arrived. It’s finally her time to shine. So happy for her.

The British-born, Essex-bred singer-songwriter first created a buzz on You Tube which has later led to being snapped up by a record label stateside albeit after a series of setbacks! But Jessie J is a true artist made of stern stuff and is certainly not willing to let her dreams get away from her.

Jessie J has been behind some very notable hits including Miley Cyrus massive hit song Party In The USA’. The song was apparently originally meant for Jessie herself but was later given to Miley Cyrus who went on to achieve number one success with the track.

The hard-hitting ‘Do It Like A Dude’ complete with feisty in your face lyrics has been confirmed to be J’s first official release. When I first listened my only fear was that her vocals were a little drowned out by the big massive production but I’m sure there will be songs on the album which will display her stand out vocals in a better light , and anyway these fears were eliminated by the outstanding quality of the track. The production , her versatility, it’s all impressing me. Take a listen to the track, which premiered today, below…

Having now signed to record companies both in the UK and the US the name Jessie J is one that’s gonna be gathering a lot of interest worldwide. Please believe that.

The track has also been remixed by Labrinth. You can check the remix out below..

Follow Jessie on twitter @JessieJOfficial for all the latest news..Jessie J’s Debut Album Who You Are is Coming Soon!

New Music : Jessie J US Single – ‘Price Tag’

Its official I am literally obsessed with the voice that is Jessie J. I have wanted new music in my life from her for so long now! My prayers were answered this week as a brand new track of hers found its way online to my delight! More and more people are starting to be aware of Jessie J’s talents especially artists in the industry , the likes of Alicia Dixon , Paloma Faith have expressed their glowing reviews about Jessie!

I would say she is the most anticipated artist of 2010/11 , everyone knows she has a voice to die for and they’re all eager to hear some amazing music.

Signed to Island Records Jessie is currently in the States working with a host of big names including B.o.B and producer of the moment Dr Luke (Ke$ha, Taio Cruz). The track “Price Tag” is produced by Dr Luke who uploaded his work with Jessie yesterday onto Soundcloud and is set to be the first American release for Jessie!

So what about the track “Price Tag”-Its an uptempo, pop number with the track’s catchy nature instantly coming across. Amazingly it even had Kylie Minogue tweeting it’s praises. That’s good praise right? It has all the ingredients to be an absolute pop smash , its got a great feel to it and I can just imagine it being played over and over on the radio! I think Jessie J has the potential to be massive!

Jessie J – Who You Are – Step Up 3D Clip!!

Its official , Jessie J’s voice is so amazing it gives me goosebumps listening to her. Check out this clip of her track in the movie Step Up 3D! It’s just a short taster of the track, the song will be featured on Jessie J’s debut album expected later this year/start of next year! You have to check out this clip! I so badly want the full song version for this track!

Check it out below! More music from Jessie J coming soon! Her debut single is set for a release soon in the coming months!