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Mike Hough | Hero | Snippet

UK newcomer Mike Hough is preparing to launch his upcoming studio album, and one of the confirmed tracks is a song called ‘Hero’. You can listen to a snippet of the confirmed track above. Hero’ is an upbeat track with a cool influence of relaxed guitar riffs and crooning vocals, which the singer co-wrote with Jermaine Riley of FDM for his upcoming new album. The track is also produced by Kurtis of ‘The Arcade’.

What do you think of the track?

Sounds very promising.



Featured Single : Mike Hough – Paint A Picture…

Ive done a feature post on Mike Hough and an interview and after the incredible recent success of his Gig at the Indigo 02 Arena in London he has now offered his fans an exclusive free download. The track is called “Paint a Picture” and is written by Jermaine Riley from British trio “FDM”. It is typical of what you are likely to expect from Mike’s Debut album.

The track is sure to go down well with his fans , Make sure you check it out and get your free download here . I will be posting clips of Mike’s performances from his recent A Night with Mike Hough later in the week. But i will leave with you this : MIKE Hough is certainly making a big name for himself , his vocals on the exclusive track are particularly impressive.

Mike has also announced via his twitter that he is heading into the studio to record with names such as Talay Riley , Daniel De Bourg , Laura White , DJ Ironik , Emeli Sande and many more impressive british artists. Lots more on the horizon for Mr MIKE HOUGH. Keep a lookout .2010 could be a big year for him for sure!!!!

Interview : UK Up&Coming Artist Mike Hough..

1. You have been acknowledged as one of the UK’s most prolific talents by chart topping artists including Beverly Knight, Peter Andre, JLS, Pixie Lott, Shontelle, DJ Ironik, McLean and Taio Cruz, how does it feel to have such prolific artists complementing your music?

Its definitely an amazing feeling and compliment. These are all established artists who have taken their time to watch my videos and comment on my talent whilst living a busy scheduled lifestyle. I really appreciate their support and guidance. This is a big and tough industry to enter, so to have people already up there showing me they enjoy what I do, it spurs me on even more.

2.What do you wish to achieve as a singer? What can we expect over the next few years from one of the UK’s brightest talents?
As “cliché” as it sounds, I aim to be “the next big thing”. I just want to be able to do what I love and spread my music around the world, and hopefully people enjoy that. You can expect the tours, the signings, the albums, the music videos and much more. I’m just getting set to embark on the biggest journey of my life, so wherever it leads – it leads, I’m more than ready.

3.What can we expect from your debut album and when we will be hearing the completed album in full?
The album will be completed later this year. Right now its all about collecting a strong pool of songs to group together to pick a strong 10-14 tracks from. My sound is “commercial soul with an urban twist” but whilst I label it that, I like to try and vary my music as much as I can and test my waters in loads of different genre’s. I don’t want to give too much away so ill leave it to the imagination ;-)

4. Is there any one in the music business that you really wish to work with and collaborate with?
Wow.. There’s Loads. One I’m dying to work with is Keri Hilson. Her song writing skills are unbelievable, and she has such a stunning recording voice. I’m a big fan. I’d also like to work with Jessie J, the new beast of the industry. Her song writing skills are phenomenal, and she’s a real down to earth person too, which is very rare to find. Alongside them I would also love to work with Beyonce, Alicia Keys and many more.

5. I’d like to congratulate you on your recent signing to your record company, you deserve every success, But I would like to ask you about the struggles and difficulties as an upcoming singer to actually get signed , because as we know it can be a difficult process sometimes? Were you always confident you would get signed up?
Thank you so much. The whole process and journey was a complete struggle, and if anything – it gets even harder now I actually have the deal, because this is where the real hard work kicks in. I always said to myself “never give up until you reach the dream” and the initial dream was the deal. I hit many crossroads, got knocked back so many times, felt the need to give up, and sacrificed a lot in life, but it just proves that if you want something bad enough and are willing to put the hard work in, then it will pay off. I can’t express how true it is to “never give up on your dreams”.

6. You have your first feature length show coming up, what can we expect from this show , and are you excited?

I’m majorly excited about the show. For me its gonna be huge, its my first ever headlining gig! It will be very intimate. Its being held in the VIP Lounge of the Indigo2 which is where they hold Album launches and so on, so there will be no big screens, fancy backdrops or fireworks etc.. It will strictly be me and my band delivering what we hope will be an enjoyable hours worth of entertainment! I’m gonna be singing tracks from my album, aswell as many of my most popular covers from my You Tube account.

7. I’ve noticed on your twitter page you seem to really love interacting with your fans, if there’s anything in particular you want to say to all your fans, what would you say?
All I can ever say to them is “Thank You”. They genuinely are the most beautiful people, and they stick by me through thick and thin. Its nice to be able to interact with them and get to know what it is they like about me and my music, so I can improve that and deliver it even more. Without my fans I am nothing so I will forever owe them a lot. They are amazing.

8. I’ve been really impressed with your song writing , how do you come up with the lyrics for your songs & Where do you find the inspiration for the song writing from?
Thank you. I generally only write a song when I know I have inspiration, and I base all my songs around my real life experiences. Song writing is a gift that enables you to express yourself through words that everyone can not only relate to, but enjoy. So its all about making sure its worded right, the correct parts are where they should be, and that the message of the song is clear. Its definitely something I enjoy doing.

9. I actually came across a group which was Mike Hough To Duet With Jessica Cornish , Id like to ask your opinion on this group?
Well. Its madness (laughs). One of the fans created it, so its very sweet of them. I would of course love to duet with Jessie, and if the fans want to see it then I would definitely love to make it happen!

10.Who inspired you to want to try and make it in the music business?

I’ve been inspired by many. My mum raised me to always believe in my dreams, and follow the life I want to live, which is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve watched and learnt so much from many different people in my life so far, whether that be a family member, a celeb or a complete stranger.. and that’s made me who I am today.

Mike Hough.. Interview coming soon!

A couple of weeks back i wrote a feature piece on MIKE HOUGH and i have been lucky enough to get to ask one of the UK’s brightest up and coming artists some questions!

Mike Hough ; UK Music Feature ; Check it out!

If you head over to Mike Hough’s official twitter page at then you will read in his bio section – “Labelled As The UK’s Most Anticipated Up & Coming Male Solo Artist”

This is 100% true , the talent Mike Hough has is amazing! He has an amazing voice. The U.K is currently lacking in british R&B male singers , with only really Jay Sean , Taio Cruz currently doing it at the moment.

Mike Hough has the potential and the voice to be up there amongst them two names which is big talk , But Mike’s voice means its achievable , He also broadcasts to thousands of fans a week singing live via his webcam with ustream and his fanbase is growing at a phenomenal rate each day –  Big big future for the teenager.

He has now been acknowledged as one of the UK’s most prolific talents by chart topping artists including Beverly Knight, Peter Andre, JLS, Pixie Lott, Shontelle, DJ Ironik, McLean and Taio Cruz – who have all made personal comments regarding his bright future as a music artist.

Mike has recently signed a record deal with London label EastFire Records! so you will be sure to see an album from him hopefully this year.

He will be performing his debut feature length show accompanied by a full live band at the O2 Indigo Arena in London on June 3rd! Tickets are selling out fast. There he will perform a mix of  original music and popular covers, its set to be a big beginning to a great future for one of the U.K’s brightest young acts.

Mike’s cover of Baby by Justin Bieber

A new song set to feature on Mike’s Debut Album!

Mike also recently performed an Acoustic 64 for

Expect to hear big things from this young man!