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Video Spotlight : Skepta – Feat Preeya Kalidas – Cross My Heart!!

Grime king Skepta last night unveiled the video for his next single “Cross My Heart” which features Preeya Kalidas!

The video is a very extravagant affair with Skepta pulling out all the stops for this video!

The song has attracted a lot of support since its unveiling and no doubt the video will only extend the support even further!

“Cross My Heart” is taken from Skepta’s forthcoming album “Doin It Again” which is expected for release later in the year!

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New Music Videos : A Little Roundup of the latest music videos!

Check out some of the latest videos in the world of MUSIC today!


First of all is the brand new video from Bashy which is a reworking of the song “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” . Bashy’s version is called “Fantasy” and is a very refreshing rework of the track.

Bashy got director Andy Hylton on board and flew out to Mexico to shoot the video for his next single ‘Fantasy’ which is taken from his, as of yet, untitled album landing towards the beginning of ’11.

He also got Amira from Eastenders (actress Preeya Kalidas) to star in the video which is a welcome addition to the video!! Check out the video below! Inspiring workrate who’s aiming for mainstream success with this latest number! Fantasy is due for release in September!


The second video is a big big video which has been breaking all the records in the past week on You Tube! Its Eminem feat Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie! Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox star in the video and they personify the fiery relationship Eminem and Rihanna share in this song in it’s video – displaying the never-ending cycle of love; starting with them both lying on the bed, then going through numerous fights and make-ups, before ending up in the same place they started at the beginning of the video: their bed. AMAZING FIERCE VIDEO!

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT! its a must see! 23,295,530
views & counting!


I love the hits Katy Perry keeps putting out , it seems that at the moment whatever she puts out is sounding quite brilliant! The video is just pure excellence. I wont give too much away about it , Just know you have to check it out! Its a complete contrast to the glamorous and over the top production of California Girls.

The single is released August 29th in the UK and the album of the same name will be available August 26th in the US and August 30th worldwide.


“So Big” is taken from from Iyaz’s debut album “Replay” which is due in United States this September. It is the third single from the J.R. Rotem-produced effort,

In the video Iyaz meets his love. The Beluga Heights artist bumps into the lady in an eaterie and comes to her rescue when she is bothered by a rude guy. She has been dreaming of having Iyaz showering her with gifts and surprises and their meeting seems to be the beginning of her dream coming true.

Nice enough video from Iyaz!

Check it out below!


What can you say about Kanye West’s teaser clip for the new song “Power”.

In the 90-second video, Kanye – who has recently set up his own twitter account – is depicted in an empire on the brink of collapse.

Directed by Canadian artist Marco Brambilla, the clip takes its inspiration from Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel.

Kanye, who is gearing up for the release of his fifth studio album, tentatively titled Dark Twisted Fantasy, tweeted of the clip: ‘It’s not a video… It’s a moving painting!!!’

Check it out below!

Preeya Kalidas – Shimmy Live Performance..

Preeya Kalidas has gone from being a soap opera star to a pop diva! With her debut single “Shimmy” catching on with music listeners, Preeya was asked to perform her song on U.K.’s GMTV Breakfast show. For the memorable performance, Preeya was accompanied by Mumzy Stranger and the two looked hot in my opinion!

Preeya Looking Amazing!

Very impressive first performance with Amira showing off some amazing vocals!

Preeya looked comfortable on the stage and caught the audience’s attention. Mumzy was close by in his jeans and stellar shades. Check out Preeya Kalidas’s and Mumzy Stranger’s performance of “Shimmy” on GMTV’s Breakfast Show below!

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Chart News : Check out the contenders in Next Week’s Chart Battle…

Preeya Kalidas‘s brand new single Shimmy will be released on Saturday , Preeya has been shimmying up and down the country raising awareness for her brand new track , It remains to be seen whether the public will get behind the track enough for it to chart well.Preeya is already quite well known and will probably have a few fans from her days in EastEnders so she could have a bit of support behind her for this track!! Twitter : “Shimmy!

The Wanted – All Time Low could well be the track that performs the best this week. You’ve heard of The Wanted, right? No? Well, as long as you’re over 18 and a bit of a Twitterphobe, we’ll forgive you. James, Max, Nathan, Siva and Tom have been doing the promo rounds for a few months now gathering as much support as possible for their DEBUT single. We will see whether The WANTED can serve up the goods and prove to the masses that boy-bands are here to stay and in the process we’ll see if their debut single manages to perform well in the charts. Twitter :“All Time Low!”

Fugative – Bad Girl – The new single by young star Fugative ticks all the boxes ; Fugative may have just turned 16 but that hasn’t slowed down his determination to crack the UK charts. First single Supafly missed out on the top 40 and landed at number 48 whereas second single Crush fared better entering at 26. Will it be third time luck as Fugative prepares to unleash his summer single Bad Girl? Im not quite sure why he hasn’t enjoyed a Top 10 smash yet but fingers crossed Bad Girl will do that for him. He should easily appeal to teenage girls with both his looks and music so surely it’s only a matter of time? Twitter :“Bad Girl”

Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars – Billonaire – Bruno Mars contributes a sung hook just as instantly catchy as his work on the #1 pop smash “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. This will be one of the definitive pop hits of the summer of 2010. It is also an impressive lead-in for Travie McCoy’s debut solo album Lazarus. Bruno Mars’ sung hook to kick off the song is definitely the highlight but Travie McCoy’s witty and charming raps add a lot to his song. The lilting, summery mood just makes me wants to go out and head straight to the beach!!! Not a bad bet for the number one spot come the end of the week!!! Twitter : “Billonaire”

Drake – Find Your Love – It’s great Kanye West production with a clever vocal editing and an up-beat tempo. I love the track and it has gathered a lot of support especially across the pond. Can Drizzy Drake do it again but in the UK this time? I wouldnt bet against it!!! Twitter “Find Your Love”

Plan B – Praying! It’s very much a case of where did it all go so right for London singer / rapper Plan B in 2010. Everythings gone right , firstly with single ‘She Said’ lurking at every corner for months, and album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ topped the UK Album chart going platinum in the process. His latest offering is a song called “Praying” , will he be praying for more chart success this time around? We will soon seee!!! Twitter –“Praying”

New Music Video … Preeya Kalidas – Shimmy..

Perhaps best known to the nation for her turn as Amira Masood in Eastenders, as well as a string of big-screen appearances, Preeya Kalidas has recently put her acting to one side and signed to Mercury Records to pursue a music career. With a debut album in the pipeline, Preeya has unveiled the video for her first single, Shimmy.

Featuring Mumzy Stranger, the East-London born protégé of Asian super-producer Rishi Rich, the track is a romping R&B-flavoured pop tune with a nod to Preeya’s Asian heritage, and seems destined for chart success and club domination. Preeya’s powerful vocal shines throughout and on occasion has a passing resemblance to Beyonce, to whom the song owes a fairly significant debt. Mumzy’s cameo invites comparisons to Sean Paul (minus the Jamaican accent, obviously!) and sits well at the heart of the track. Its an okay start to Amira’s pop career, i like this song , i just wish it had a bit more oomph in it but hopefully that will came in the form of tracks from Preeya’s debut album!!

Check the video out for the “Shimmy” track below.