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New Video : Hooks and Chain Ft. Rama – All Your Love

Music video Hooks and Chain and featuring Up-and-coming R&B singer Rama performing All Your Love!

What a wonderful way to get your video onto the television! You’ve got a few stunning near naked women (and a muscle-bound bloke for the ladies) featuring and then you ramp it up by having them being oh so super seductive towards the camera! Almost a dream! Then you add a catchy track like “All Your Love” and it ticks all the boxes! This format of video is becoming increasingly popular but with indifferent results! Interesting to see whether any success comes from this attempt.

You will be able to download “All Your Love” on iTunes from 12th October! I recommend you buy and support Rama!

You can check out their sites – Facebook.

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If you want to hear ‘All Your Love’ blasting from your favourite radio station you need to text in and ask them to play it!


Check out Rama’s version of Kanye West – Powerr!!

Featured artist Rama has this week unveiled his special vocal version of Kanye West’s recent hit “Power”

Make sure you check it out below!

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Check out this brand new track from “Rama!”

Check out the brand new track from one of the featured artists “Rama!”.

Rama – All Your Love (New 2010) (Prod. by Hooks&Chain)

Video has been shot for the track also and will be available in the coming weeks.

Rama has been busy in the studio doing what he does best, his ability to write amazing hooks is impressing many including myself! Surely its only a matter of a time before more and more people are aware of Rama’s undoubted talents!! I think he has a bright future!

For more updates follow him on twitter at

Check out the below clip also!

Featured Artist : Introduction to “RAMA”

Born and bred in North West LONDON, Rama started as a sound engineer, being hired for he’s knowledgeable approach to sound aswell as being the hand for hire when projects needed to be completed fast.
This skill developed into he’s true passion as a songwriter & producer . Whilst there he produced, wrote and engineered some of the most popular tunes of the early 2000s. Since, he has been writing and co producing for upcoming artists aswell as doing remixes for Keisha Cole, Sugababes, Ricky Martin, Stevie Wonder, Ying Yang Twins, Mariah Carey amongst others.
With this under his belt he grew and decided to set up his own studio, using his knowledge and expertise to help upcoming artists with their projects. As a writer and producer, he teamed up with his elder brother Reza and formed Hooks&Chain, the start of the production/writing team you here today. The name came from Rama ‘Hooks’ and Reza ‘Chain’. As these are the key ingredients in making a successful song (the hooks in songs and the chains of melodies). Having written for others, the obvious progression was for him to finally, venture out and put music of his own out as the artist… and so the future looks good for this talent known as Rama.
Rama is a unique artist, because unlike most other artists, every song has a different feel to it! As quoted by him “i am an artist, i paint a picture with sound, and wish only to share this with fans of music”.
MAKE SURE You check out his music cos he is an artist with unique sound. Amazing Singer with a special special talent, DEFINITELY one to watch for the future!!!
Check out links to his music below:
The link for his you tube page is below and also the link to subscribe to his videos.