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Shaheen Jafargholi announces details of his debut single “Last Train Home/Hip Teens”..

Remember little Shaheen Jafargholi who sang at Michael Jackson‘s funeral? Well, the 13-year-old Britain’s Got Talent star and Welsh warbler is releasing his eagerly anticipated debut single, Last Train Home/Hip Teens, on November 22.
This is certainly something to look forward to. Shaheen is an amazing young Welsh talent and I’m so glad he is finally releasing his own material.

So then what about the actual music Shaheen has been recording…..? Shaheen is set to release the song titled “Last Train Home” with “Hip Teens” as the B side to the single. Both tracks present Shaheen in a completely contrasting light which shows off his amazing versatility as an artist. IMO I think Shaheen is a born star and could be one of this year’s brightest new recording acts without a doubt!

Since the signing to Island Records in May, Shaheen has been busy working on the record in the US with superstar producers including Jerry Wonda, Igloo & TC, who have worked with the likes of Ludacris, Whitney Houston, Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Estelle and many more. In the UK, he has been working with big names such as Jimmy Hogarth and Martin Terefe, who have previously worked with Amy Winehouse, Duffy and James Morrison to name just a few. So big names he’s been working with then, thats impressive , you certainly get the impression that Island Records have extreme confidence in Shaheen to be the country’s next big star. I’m backing him all the way!

You can get a glimpse of his new music by checking the video out below...

For all the latest news follow Shaheen on twitter @shaheenofficial


Finally Pixie Lott/Jason Derulo “Coming Home” has surfaced online & Nicole Scherzinger’s new single “Poison” in full , Check Them Both Out!

OH MY GODDDD! This is what I call a feel good kind of tune! This is my kind of song. I’ve been waiting to listen to this collaboration ever since it was announced. But Pixie Lott‘s super-anticipated collaboration with Mr Derulo, “Coming Home” is finally here to my delight.! The duet will be included as well as other four new tracks on Pixie’s upcoming “Turn It Up Louder” CD which will be available in the UK from this Monday, October 18th.

I’m pretty sure that this song will get the full single material. So what makes Coming Home such a good feel good tune then….? Ok its a very cute midtempo tune, nice lyrics and there is a great amount of chemistry between the two singers. It’s just one of them songs that grows on you every time you listen to it. You can just jam along to it with ease and just have a good time! Love it!

Check out the track in full below…!

To be perfectly honest I’ve never really taken Nicole‘s bid for solo success that much seriously. She’s suffered a few setbacks thus far in her solo career and with her debut album being put back I feared she would never reach the heights of her Pussycat Dolls group!

But after she featured on the X Factor as a judge I suddenly found myself warming to Nicole more than ever before, so I just found myself rooting for her and hoping her solo career picks up! And boy am I happy to hear her latest planned song release. If this attempt doesn’t do it , I have no idea what will!! Now, Nicole’s second attempt at solo stardom is taking a step in the right direction with lead single Poison.

It’s a big dance club stomper and it comes as no real surprise that the track was produced by the hugely acclaimed producer Red One.

“Poison” ticks all the boxes and i mean every single box.Poison comes complete with a big killer beat and catchy and effective lyrics. And a strong hook. “I’ve got poison on my mind!!”, Nicole sings. And boy she kills it! I’m totally feeling this 100%. The beautiful Nicole Scherzinger is set to release this club-banger on November 29th. BOY I really cannot bloody wait!!!

Follow Nicole on twitter @NicoleScherzy for all the latest news and to make sure you keep updated on the video release!!

Following on from his debut number 1 single, Olly Murs releases “Thinking of You” as his follow up single….

Olly Murs premiered his new single “Thinking of Me” this week which set to be his second single. Especially after the huge success of his debut single it will be very interesting to see how the follow-up track will fare chartwise.  I’m not a big fan of this track at the moment , is it a grower…? It could very well be. Only time will tell! What i will say though is that the style of the song is very similar to his 1st single , It’s just like a continuation, well if it aint broke well don’t fix it right….? I’m interested in hearing his album to see what else he has up his sleeve. Also the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy!

Olly co-wrote the single with Steve Robson (who he also worked with on Please Don’t Let Me Go), as well as JLS and Westlife collaborator Wayne Hector.

I think Olly could potentially have a number one with this track , as theres not really a huge amount of competition the same week this track gets its release. Obviously when you add in the power of X Factor then there’s lots of potential for the song.

The track is released 21’st November! The video has already been shot and should be released sometime in the next week I should imagine.

You can take a listen to the track below….!

Diana Vickers with her incredible new video “My Wicked Heart”..

The lovely beauty that is Diana Vickers will shortly be reissuing her debut album ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ with some new brand new material added in. How excited am I? The answer – errr very excited!

Whoopsy Daisy! It’s a bit late to arrive to the blog, too late in fact but it’s finally arrived, and I love the video!  its FANT-ABOULOUS! (not even a word I know) but in Diana’s case I just can make them up, she’s that super! I think the theme was a very clever choice. The circus theme just kinds of fits perfectly with the song! GENIUS! Diana Vickers is a gorgeous young girl and you really get to see and appreciate that in the visuals to the song!

“My Wicked Heart” will be released in the UK on October 18th. WHOOP!

She is set to perform the track on this week’s results show edition of the X Factor…Happy days.

Check the video out below. I have a sneaky feeling you won’t be disappointed at all.

New Video : Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah – “Miami 2 Ibiza”

No can argue with the fact that 2010 has been a big breakout year from one young man who goes by the name of Tinie Tempah. Everywhere you look at the moment he’s not far behind in the shadows. After a debut number one single with “Pass Out” and following up that success with his second single “Frisky!”

Not to mention the imminent number he’s about to achieve success with this week with his 3rd single “Written In The Stars”.

Further proof of his amazing success this year is a pretty mind-blowing new collaboration with hot DJ collective Swedish House Mafia which consist of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Agnello. SHM enlisted the help of Tinie for this massive track which is to be released October 19th through Astralwerks Records. The track “Miami 2 Ibiza” will be featured on the highly anticipated album Until One,which compiles highlights of each Mafia member’s solo work to date which looks very exciting and it looks to be worth a purchase when it’s released for sure!

I’m digging the song definitely, one to tear the clubs up! and im also liking the newly premiered video.

Check out the official music video for “Miami 2 Ibiza” below.

Q&A interview with Lolene..

Lolene is a name many in the blogosphere will be very familiar with so i was pretty eager to hear what all the fuss was about. You can hear a lot about Lolene from the recent introducing post.If you haven’t heard the name, you will! This 25-year-old UK native is EMI’s newest rising artist, and with over 70,000 hits and counting for her single, “Rich (fake It ‘Til you Make It)” on you tube, Lolene has proved she is just getting started and has a long way to go yet.. Yes Believe it the british born beauty is well on her way to stardom! She has been compared to the likes of Lady Gaga which is obviously not a bad thing so i thought it only right to find out much much more about the artist that is Lolene! Id put good odds on Lolene being the next exciting big thing to arrive in the music industry!

Your really are an inspirational person, you‘ve pursed your dreams and it proves that dreams can come true if you work to reach them. I love that! Where do you find your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from my undeniable love for music and art. I am really inspired by independent females. My mother, Joan Collins, the city of London, Kate Bush, Madonna and Cocktails are some of my inspirations.

You’ve received a lot of support online, Especially bloggers, how does it feel for these people to be supporting your music and giving it positive reviews?
I am so undeniably thankful. I never take one blog or person for granted EVER. I do remember a time not so long ago where nobody knew my music and it was difficult to even get people to hear my work. So to have people supporting me is a dream come true. I just want to continue to bring you guys pop juice and more Lolene candy.

I’m really eager to listen to the The Electrick Hotel. I read about the concept to the album! I loved it! How did you come up with the idea for the concept? & when is it released?
You know the concept came from me viewing my art as a building or destination, meaning you come and check in with me when you press play, it’s metaphorical. I have really had a blast making this album and poured my entire self into it. Due to label changes, leaking issues and the general bullsh*t of the music industry, I have decided to push my album back. However, this is actually a blessing because I make new music almost everyday. I am updating the hotel, we are in renovation mode and you can expect to hear it very soon.

I also read that you named the album before you actually made/wrote any songs? Is this true?
It is true because I am a visual person and wanted to make a concept album that was unlike anything else. At the time I was writing with J.R. Rotem and pop really wasn’t that popular. I wanted to create something colourful, neon and amazing.

I understand you’re signed with J.R. Rotem‘s publishing label, Beluga Heights. How did that come about? That must be a great feeling to be signed to an obvious label who have been very successful this year with the likes of Jason Derulo. This must fill you with confidence for your music?
Signing with such an acclaimed super producer like JR was really a defining moment in my career. But truly it doesn’t matter where you are signed or who with, it’s your art and your music that’s paramount. I’m only as good as my last song, and my next song is always my best song and that’s what I like to focus on.

What I’ve noticed about your music is the fact that
it’s always different, your style is always changing in all your songs. It’s so diverse. Is that a conscious decision from you in a bid to stand out from the rest?
I really like to be a freethinker and a free artist, not confined, conformed or suffocated in any way. I think artists are sometimes brainwashed by labels and their teams to remain consistent, which of course to a degree is important. However, I am inspired by so many different genres of music, I am somewhat of a melting pop, stylistically, racially, vocally and visually. I like to switch it up and keep things cute. And that’s just me being me.

So what’s on the schedule for you in the next few weeks/months? I’ve heard there’s mixtapes, videos, not to mention the singles and album! This must be an incredibly busy time for you as an artist? Are you relishing that aspect of things?
Absolutely and it’s a blessing to be busy. I am creating art everyday. The mixtape is something I can do by myself and is purely about the music, so I have taken various songs that I love which range from the Cranberries, Kate Bush, Dr Dre, Underworld, Abba and Usher – I created something unique, so it’s all a bit of fun and I can’t wait to give it to you guys as a gift. We also just shot an awesome viral video to one of my songs, “Radio”. It was shot at David La Chappelle’s studio in Hollywood with his team, and I’m so excited about sharing this with you. And I’m performing as much as possible.

The downside to music must definitely be the leaks? Does this annoy/disappoint you at all? Cos obviously you must want everything to be perfect before the whole world hears it right?
Of course leaks are frustrating but I really believe that they can also be a blessing and a great way to hear songs that may have never been released. For example Perez Hilton got hold of “Too Young To Die”, a song I wrote for Lindsay Lohan. Therefore, people were able to hear something that would never have been released. It’s just the way of the world right now and so you just have to find your rose in the thorn so to speak, and make it work.

Are you planning on hitting the UK to release your music in the future? (*I hope so*)
I have been planning to hit the UK for sure. My record label has been going through some major changes. But I am coming!

Do you have a little final message to all the Lolene supporters worldwide?
I just want to say that without you guys, all this doesn’t mean anything. You really are my inspiration. When I read you Tweets, Facebook messages and letters I feel so connected to you. I just want to thank you all for your support, love and friendship. GO TEAM LOLENE!

So there we have it, Lolene is here to stay people. I think she’s a breath of fresh air for the industry!! Really do.

Be sure to keep up to date with Lolene’s movements so to speak , follow on twitter @Lolene and on Facebook Lolene!

New Video : Cheryl Cole with her beautiful new video for “Promise This”!!

That bizarre start to the song is turning into a bit of genius feature, And it’s definitely stuck in my head. Damn you Ms Cole! Does anyone else find themselves repeatedly chanting ‘Alouette, alouette’ after hearing it?  The music video, which premiered recently on ITV 2, is absolutely stunning/beautiful/amazing/ So many similar adjectives could describe the clip . The Sophie Muller-directed clip sees the X Factor judge striking some ballerina poses in front of a wind machine and generally looking very beautiful!!!! Nothing different there then. I was captivated watching!

The Wayne Wilkinsproduced track serves as the first official single from Cheryl’s upcoming sophomore album which is due for a release on November 1st.

I love how everyone is changing their opinions slowly about this track , some were disappointed initially but it’s now slowly hitting them in their face how much of a genius pop song from Cheryl Cole!!!

Promise This will be released on October 24th, followed by the sophomore album, Messy Little Raindrops in November. Could there be a little chart battle brewing amongst Girls Aloud members?

New Video Alert : Pixie Lott unveils the video for the new single “Broken Arrow”!

19-year-old songstress Pixie Lott has become an unstoppable force in the pop world since her first single Mama Do went straight to the top of the UK charts in August 2009. She’s basically been everywhere ever since establishing herself in today’s pop world!  She is now cashing in on the success of her first album by issuing the re release of the album which is to be called “Turn it Up Louder”.

Broken Arrow is taken from the re release “Turn It Up Louder, the album is to include four new songs in addition to Broken Arrow. New songs are rumoured to be featuring the likes of Jason Derulo & Joe Jonas. It’s a bit of a cute video with Pixie looking gorgeous as per!

So then what about the video itself? It tells the story of the singer’s sadness for not being able to let go of her past lover. She searches for his figure among the crowd while memories of dancing with him keep returning to her! Pixie Lott has already had two previous number one singles so it will be interesting to see whether Broken Arrow can make it a hat trick of chart success.

Without further ado, here’s that music video in all its glory: Check it out below and Enjoy !!

The single is out on 11th October and coincides with her upcoming headline tour which kicks off at the end of November.

New Music : Cheryl Cole ‘Promise This’ In Full!

Promise This combines an upbeat bass line with Cole’s gentle lyrics about love. Produced by Wayne Wilkins, the man responsible for none other than Fight For This Love, why change a formula that worked so well right? Promise This is a song with a lot  more dance filled influence than the singer’s usual R’n’B styled songs which is obviously influenced by the music culture today!

I don’t think it’s as good as Fight For This Love but its a good effort nonetheless! Will probably be enough to ensure Chezza another hit single!

As the first single to be released from her forthcoming album, Promise This is sure to follow in the successful footsteps of Miss Cole’s previous succesful singles “Fight For This Love” & Parachutes”.

Promise This is taken from Cheryl Cole’s upcoming album due for release November 1st. The album features production credits from Will I Am, JR Rotem and Starmith. Promise This will be released through Polydor Records on October 24th, but tune in to ITV2 this Saturday at 9.45pm after X Factor for the very first viewing of the brand new video!

There are some pictures below of stills from the video shoot itself!

New Music : Bluey Robinson – (Cee-Lo Green – “F**k You” Remix)

I came across Bluey Robinson‘s music a while back and I’ve been really impressed with his talent ever since. He has recently released his version of the Bruno Mars and Cee Lo Green track “Fuck You” which has been a really popular hit stateside! His take on the song is really original and quite funny. I’m really impressed by Bluey‘s vocals and think he has a lot of potential! I personally can’t wait for an album from him!

Follow Bluey on twitter @BlueyRobinson. Bluey is currently hard at work preparing for his support slot on Tinie Tempah’s upcoming headline tour coming to a city near you!!

FULL Track Alert : Nadine Coyle – Insatiable!

So finally everyone has heard the full 3 minutes and 12 single first effort from the beautiful Nadine Coyle. As I said previously the snippet released last week was very promising and gave us a glimpse of what to expect. It showed that Nadine‘s amazing vocals were still ever-present and I thought it could be a lovely little pop number for her debut!

So when the full track premiered I wasnt disappointed and I don’t think many of Nudeen‘s fans were either. The track is nothing like what seems to be on non stop repeat on the radio these days which is a welcome change.I dont think I could imagine her doing anything other than pop if im honest! Nadine puts on a big brassy like production but relies on her killer vocals to make this song a hit! As i said previously this is a song which explores lots of different genres but will still slot firmly into today’s music climate!

All in all a great competnet solo effort from the ex Girls Aloud member (“If you believe tabloid rumours”)

Nadine’s unleashed her track.. Cheryl’s to follow Tuesday! Nice little battle brewing!

Album News : Nadine Coyle Unveils the tracklisting for her debut album “Insatiable”

After the release of the preview clip for Nadine Coyle’s debut single “Insatiable”, the official track listing for the album has now been unveiled! Insatiable will feature 13 songs including her new single, also called ‘Insatiable’.

The tracklist was confirmed by Tesco, with whom she recently signed an exclusive deal.

The Insatiable track listing in full:

  • Runnin’

  • Put Your Hands Up

  • Chained

  • Insatiable

  • Red Light

  • Sexy Love Affair

  • Lullaby

  • You Are The One

  • Natural

  • Raw

  • Rumours

  • Unbroken

  • Make A Man

Insatiable will be released exclusively in the supermarket on November 8, according to its website. The title track will be available to download from November 1.

Follow Nadine on twitter @NadineWorldwide