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The Wanted | Lose My Mind

After the wild success of “All Time Low” and “Heart Vacancy” on the British charts, The Wanted are set to continue their streak with the release of “Lose My Mind”. The song is the third single off their self titled debut album and will officially be released on December 26th (UK). Check out the video premiere below! Directed by Nigel Dick at Coney Island, the video has the fun factor appeal to it , speaking of factor , The Wanted also recently performed this track exclusively on the X Factor which goes to show how far the boys have come in their debut year. Very impressive.

The formula is clearly working for this boy band!

Lose My Mind looks to be another infectious big hit! Good Luck to the boys!


You’ve got the long awaited reappearance of Mr Shayne Ward , The 2nd single by Olly Murs , & Alexandra Burke’s 6th single in a big ‘X FACTOR Extravaganza post’

So then Shayne Ward is finally back into the limelight with his brand new single “Gotta Be Somebody”. The video shot in L.A has in the last week been premiered. Gotta Be Somebody is the official lead single from the anticipated upcoming third album “Obsession” which will available from November 15th – The rockish feel to the song has now been replaced with synth beats and a nice dose of auto-tune as you might know. Its grown on me I’ll admit that. As for the new music video, it’s a blatent Trey Songs approach. There’s not really much of a concept behind the video , just Shayne Ward dressed in not very much at all. There’s not much else you can say about it. Shayne is appearing on the X Factor this coming weekend in a bid to kickstart the hype for the new single/album era.

You can check the video out below….

Next we have the new single from the beautiful Alexandra Burke whose record company have decided to release the ballad influenced track “The Silence” from her debut album. The track will serve as the new release from her repackage of her “Overcome” debut album. The single noticeably has a few little differences to the original album track with some new adlibs and a little choir feature towards the end.. The video has also been premiered for us, so you can check that brand new video out below. The video is a perfect type of the video for the track , it blends and fits perfectly well with the black and white theme. Simple but it does the job!

LAST but not least the new video for Olly Murs’ latest single has also been unveiled recently.

‘Thinking Of Me‘ is the second single from his upcoming debut self-titled album which is released November 29th. It will be interesting to see if Olly can bag a second #1 hit in the UK with the new Steve Robson-produced single. As for the new music video, it’s a simple but effective visual effort! I don’t know what it is but when the videos for some songs are released you seem to like the track a little bit more. I wasn’t overly keen on the track previously but I think its a grower.. In the newly premiered visuals you see Olly putting himself in some pretty ‘risky’ life-threatening situations, you can see it for yourself below…!

That’s it for the X Factor themed post. Hope you enjoyed…!

Following on from his debut number 1 single, Olly Murs releases “Thinking of You” as his follow up single….

Olly Murs premiered his new single “Thinking of Me” this week which set to be his second single. Especially after the huge success of his debut single it will be very interesting to see how the follow-up track will fare chartwise.  I’m not a big fan of this track at the moment , is it a grower…? It could very well be. Only time will tell! What i will say though is that the style of the song is very similar to his 1st single , It’s just like a continuation, well if it aint broke well don’t fix it right….? I’m interested in hearing his album to see what else he has up his sleeve. Also the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy!

Olly co-wrote the single with Steve Robson (who he also worked with on Please Don’t Let Me Go), as well as JLS and Westlife collaborator Wayne Hector.

I think Olly could potentially have a number one with this track , as theres not really a huge amount of competition the same week this track gets its release. Obviously when you add in the power of X Factor then there’s lots of potential for the song.

The track is released 21’st November! The video has already been shot and should be released sometime in the next week I should imagine.

You can take a listen to the track below….!

Diana Vickers with her incredible new video “My Wicked Heart”..

The lovely beauty that is Diana Vickers will shortly be reissuing her debut album ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ with some new brand new material added in. How excited am I? The answer – errr very excited!

Whoopsy Daisy! It’s a bit late to arrive to the blog, too late in fact but it’s finally arrived, and I love the video!  its FANT-ABOULOUS! (not even a word I know) but in Diana’s case I just can make them up, she’s that super! I think the theme was a very clever choice. The circus theme just kinds of fits perfectly with the song! GENIUS! Diana Vickers is a gorgeous young girl and you really get to see and appreciate that in the visuals to the song!

“My Wicked Heart” will be released in the UK on October 18th. WHOOP!

She is set to perform the track on this week’s results show edition of the X Factor…Happy days.

Check the video out below. I have a sneaky feeling you won’t be disappointed at all.

Olly Murs & JLS unveil their album art covers… Check them out here..


Olly Murs with the album art for his upcoming DEBUT album.. Expected for release in November.



The Boys of JLS have also unveiled their new ARTWORK! Titled "Outta This World" the band are expected to battle with Take That in the album charts. Tasty battle ey?


New Video : Joe McElderry unveils his Ambitions Video..

Joe McElderry has finally got his video for Ambitions out there…in the last week and to say its a bit of a high tempo affair would be an understatement! It’s definitely very much an all singing, all-dancing affair from the Geordie! It’s very Glee/High School Musical ish..

The 19-year-old performer walks his way on the streets of a city and, at some points, breaks into choreographed routine with a number of extras. Yes you read that last part right, however cheesy it may seem Joe made it work!

“They wanted me to just do a few hand gestures, but I wanted a full-on dance routine,” the 2009 winner of “The X Factor” explained to the Mirror about the creative process of the video. “I made them get me a choreographer and everything.” The clip  was filmed at the Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria and was directed by British director Nigel Dick!

Ambitions is released October 10th.

Do you think Joe will take this song to Number One?

Follow Joe on twitter @joemcelderry91

for all the latest news…

New Music : Shayne Ward – Gotta Be Somebody…

So its been a long 3 years in the wilderness for the former X Factor winner Mr Shayne Ward but he has finally announced his return to the limelight..! Fans of Shayne have been eager for new music from him for such a long time and for a while it was thought nothing was coming and Simon Cowell and Syco just didn’t know what to do with him but they’ve proved they have faith in him by announcing the release of his brand new single and forthcoming album!

The single is a cover of a song previously recorded by Nickelback entitled “Gotta Be Somebody”. The track reached #20 in the official UK charts, no doubt Shayne , Simon & Syco will be hoping for a much more higher charting position than that.

Gotta Be Somebody is out on November 7 and sees Shayne putting a real nice POP synth twist to the original rocky type sound! You don’t even realize it’s Nickelback until the chorus hits if im honest..Let’s hope Simon Cowell does the decent thing by allowing Shayne to perform on this year’s X Factor. For all the latest Shayne Ward news follow him on twitter @ShayneTWard 


You can check the track in all its glory out below…

New Video : Cheryl Cole with her beautiful new video for “Promise This”!!

That bizarre start to the song is turning into a bit of genius feature, And it’s definitely stuck in my head. Damn you Ms Cole! Does anyone else find themselves repeatedly chanting ‘Alouette, alouette’ after hearing it?  The music video, which premiered recently on ITV 2, is absolutely stunning/beautiful/amazing/ So many similar adjectives could describe the clip . The Sophie Muller-directed clip sees the X Factor judge striking some ballerina poses in front of a wind machine and generally looking very beautiful!!!! Nothing different there then. I was captivated watching!

The Wayne Wilkinsproduced track serves as the first official single from Cheryl’s upcoming sophomore album which is due for a release on November 1st.

I love how everyone is changing their opinions slowly about this track , some were disappointed initially but it’s now slowly hitting them in their face how much of a genius pop song from Cheryl Cole!!!

Promise This will be released on October 24th, followed by the sophomore album, Messy Little Raindrops in November. Could there be a little chart battle brewing amongst Girls Aloud members?

New Music : Joe McElderry Unveils his new single “Ambitions”!

So then after spending the considerable amount of this year locked away in the studio Mr Joe McElderry has finally come up with his next single. The single was unleashed on to the public a few days ago after being premiered on Radio 1’s 5.19 show. Ambitions serves as the first official single from his upcoming debut album entitled “Wide Awake” – in stores on October 25th.

The track is not actually an original recording but a cover from Norwegian pop band Donkeyboy who recorded the original version. This group released it last year and became a #1 hit in Norway and Sweden. Questionable decision releasing a cover, but I guess Simon Cowell approved this for a reason. And besides you’d have to do a bit of research to find out it was a cover in the first place. I don’t think it really matters and shouldn’t impact on how well the track will perform chart wise. The song does everything a pop song should do. It’s a sort of Mika , Scissor Sisters and Darin style rolled into one, In other words in pop terms it’s a little bit special!

Joe really goes all out on the high notes as well. I’m interested to see Joe perform this live with the release date obviously tying in well with a return to the stage to which he launched his career last year.

Check the single out below :

The single is released 10th October. Joe faces stiff competition from the likes of Pixie Lott and Kings of Leon in his quest for his second number one?

Do you think Joe will do it? The video for the track will be released soon, reports claim the video is set to an all-singing, all-dancing affair. Impressive! He’s certainly got big ambitions!

Spotlight on Daniel De Bourg!

How did this guy not win/get any further on X Factor in the same year that Leon Jackson won I will never ever know! Maybe I’m just being biased because of the covers he has recently been posting online but i think he should have gone a lot further in the competition!

You can follow the man himself on twitter @DDBMusic

Below is his own unique take on Syco’s newest recruit Labrinth’s debut single “Let The Sun Shine”

He also has performed his own version of Bruno Mars’ feel good anthem Just The Way You Are! These are only a selection of his You Tube covers, you can check out many more  on his You Tube channel!

The Girl Everyone is Talking About – Cher Lloyd”!

16 year-old Cher Lloyd amazed the X Factor judges and audience with her audition of Keri Hilson’s version of Soulja Boy’s ‘Turn My Swag On‘.

Cher is from Malvern in Worcestershire and honestly when she started singing Keri Hilson (with a thumping bass line) I wasnt really expecting much… but you know, Cher put on a fabulous performance filled with swagger , confidence and great vocals!

I wasn’t crazy on the song – but I loved how Lloyd transformed from a young nervous little 16-year-old into a feisty R&B star with tons of star potential – and the vocals hit all the right notes. Plus it’s refreshing seeing a female singer who doesn’t resort to Mariah and Whitney (or here in the US, Kelly and Carrie!).

I have a feeling Cher will end up going a long way in the competition!!!

You could see the £ signs in the eyes of judge Simon Cowell, and Cheryl was super excited. No doubt both would definitely want to mentor Cher – if she makes it through the rounds(which im sure she will)

What do you think of Cher’s audition?

Check out this performance from Cher before the X Factor –

Cher has also attracted lots of praise from celebs including Soulja Boy , Keri Hilson , Ciara , JLS , Chipmunk and lots lots more!

Diana Vickers Announces Details of her 3rd single.

Miss Diana Vickers has officially announced the details of her next single!! The single will be her 3rd release, and is set to be a  release of a brand newww track!! Speaking on a live Ustream chat with fans, the singer revealed that ‘My Wicked Heart’ will be available to download on October 24. A physical release follows the next day.

Vickers said: “The third single is a brand new track which none of you have heard and I’m really excited about this. It’s called ‘My Wicked Heart’.I’ve been working with this really great writer Dee Adams and a really, really great producer called James Earp. I went into the studio and was mooching around and we ended up writing ‘Wicked Heart’.

“I was so excited about it and just so enthusiastic and I always think – since I started and I recorded the first album – that I’ve grown so much, my voice has become stronger and I loved doing all my live shows.

“I just wrote the track and I thought it was so wicked and I couldn’t wait to show you all. So we’ve got it as the third single and I’m really excited about it.”

The former X Factor star’s debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree will also be re-released with the single and other new tracks on November 1.