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Music Video : Beyonce Alternate Version of “HALO”.

NEW BEYONCE music video for ‘Halo’…

After the sudden release of Beyonce’s music video for ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, another unseen music video from her Sasha Fierce era has surfaced online once again. This one is the alternative video to her hit single “HALO”.

I like it much more, mainly because it was much better than the not so interesting effect that the original video consisted of. The dark cinematography used for this video is much more glossier than the original and the concept is a lot more interesting which begs the question why didnt Beyonce opt for this video???

Its likely more videos will be leaked in the coming weeks. What song on ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ would you love to see a video for next? Check out the video below. Whats your thoughts?

Do you prefer this newer leaked video?


A New Beyonce Song?

Beyonce has recently been spotted filming a new video for her new single titled Why Dont You Love Me.

Theres a short clip below of Beyonce in her new video.

Also who likes Beyonce’s new tattoo?

Lady Gaga Telephone – Video Remake

I Came across this video yesterday and it’s just WOW in my opinion.

Anthony Kaye a Dancer/Model – ( decided after seeing the Telephone video recently premiered that he was so amazed and inspired that he wanted to create his own version. So he got everyone together in London to create this!

It really is amazing – the dancing, the timing, the editing and its so creative!