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Spotlight on Rian Peters : Sterotypes!!

Remember the name Rian Peters! I’ve featured him previously a couple of months back after his track “Getaway” which featured grime king Wiley hit the internet! He is back again with his latest offering “Stereotypes” which perfectly displays his rising talents!

The track is set to be released on October 25th and i predict this could be the track that really launches things for Rian!

He’s also well aquainted with Boyband JLS which is a not bad thing to have, there’s rumours that Rian will feature on the band’s upcoming stadium tour which would be a great boost in Rian’s quest to hit the bigtime!

Rian has all ready performed on some of the biggest stages, providing vocals for the likes of Leona Lewis, Estelle and Lauryn Hill. He has also worked with Grammy Award Winning producers ‘Stargate’ in their NYC studio.

I predict a big future for Rian! Check out his new video below!

And follow him on twitter @RianPeters


Taio is back with another Summer Smash” Check out “Dynamite”

Taio has promised recently that the video for “Dynamite” would be worth the wait. Check it out in all its glory below ; it features  fast cars, glamorous girlies and, appropriately enough, some very impressive explosions!!!!

Dynamite hits the UK August 23rd.

Featured Artist : Fola

Check out this very impressive up & coming artist!  He goes by the name of FOLA! Remember that name!

Inspired by greats of the music world like: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Brandy, Usher and many more, newcomer Fola is set to make his impact on the music industry as well. The singer/ performer/ songwriter has been perfecting his craft from an early age and is a rising talent from London. Currently working on his debut project entitled ‘Beginning’ with several producers and songwriters, Fola’s music represents love & relationships, positivity and self empowerment.

Fola’s style is a fusion of pop/ r&b/ soul/ dance. Stay connected to this rising star as he likes to keep in touch with all that love and support his music. Prior to the release of ‘Beginning’ Fola has been generously giving out free demo songs for all to download at with a free ‘I AM A STAR’ badge given out at every gig. He says “the whole purpose of the badge is to invest words of greatness into your life. It’s to uplift and boost your confidence because everybody is a star in their own way. Not to be confused for a huge ego. I just want people to feel good about who they are regardless of what anyone else says.”   “I am on a journey, we all are, through love, determination, focus and hard work I and you will get far and achieve is his message.

His voice is something special , Stay tuned for more from FOLA, he has a big future in the music business for sure!!!!

Check out his latest offering “Warrior” below

For more on Fola check him out on the links below: