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New Feature on the Beautifully Talented Alexis Jordan”

Artist: Alexis Jordan   Label: Star Roc/Roc Nation   Single: “Happiness”  >>  Official Website

What They Say: “The moment Alexis walked into our studio we just got that special feeling,” says Tor of the hit-making production team, Stargate. “It was a Blink-moment, ‘This girl’s got it, let’s make a record’.” We didn’t know the depths of Alexis at the time, but as we were making the record it became clear to us that not only is she a world class singer, but she is a smart, confident, all-around entertainer with a big future.

What We Say: The desire for a hit artist from Roc Nation is high on Jay Z’s priority list. With two of the best producers, Stargate (Beyonce, Rihanna) behind the album and giving her age (18) this could be an easy winner. The trick with Alexis Jordan is the music and her debut single, “Happiness” doesn’t pack enough punch to keep the industry and consumers begging for an album. The saving grace is Alexis Jordan can sing ten times better than some of the latest teen scene-stresses on the market. Alexis Jordan and Star Roc/Roc Nation is definitely one to watch in the fall of 2010.

Take A Listen / See What you think?

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Alexis embodies the new spirit of America with her rich cultural background that includes her father’s Puerto Rican heritage and her mother’s African American, Native American and European ancestry. Singing since she began to speak and songwriting since she was in 3rd grade, at age 11, Alexis moved with her parents and three younger siblings to Santa Clarita, California to pursue a career in the arts. After performing the National Anthem for the United States Air Force Academy, the extremely talented, young singing phenomenon started to attract a ton of attention. Soon, she was asked to sing at the start of various professional baseball games, which quickly gave way to bigger and better opportunities.

At age 14, she entered the Simon Cowell produced T.V. competition, America’s Got Talent and made it all the way to the semi-finals thanks in part to a thrilling performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” “When I got off stage after singing ‘I Have Nothing’ Simon said, ‘You are an amazing singer,’” says Alexis. “At the time I was crying, like oh my gosh, Simon Cowell! It’s a little girl’s dream to be singing for him so I was just so overwhelmed.”

With sharpened performance skills and more confidence than ever, the family travelled to Atlanta, Georgia for its burgeoning music scene and hotbed of talented producers. Alexis began making YouTube videos in between professional appearances. Although it would be these same online clips that would eventually land her the recording deal she wanted, Alexis was never crazy about the idea of singing in front of a computer. “I was like, Mom, this is so not cool!” remembers Alexis. “Kids don’t sing in front of cameras, it’s weird. It didn’t feel natural at all! But after I did it for a little while I thought it was fun.”

In September of 2008, her Youtube page was racking up millions of views. At that time, the multi-platinum, award-winning production and writing team, Stargate, contacted Alexis. The hit makers responsible for 1 hits such as Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” and Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent,” who entered into a partnership with Roc Nation forming Star Roc, made arrangements to fly the multi-talented singer out to New York for a meeting and recording session. “I thought if they didn’t love me then they wouldn’t fly me all the way out to New York,” says Alexis. “I knew I had a good chance. Once I got out there we recorded a few songs and JAY-Z came to the studio. I was so excited! And the next thing I knew I was signed to StarRoc/Roc Nation.”

Now that Alexis has had the chance to work with some of the industry’s most sought after hit makers, she is getting ready to release her debut album which is a universal collection of songs that not only displays her tremendous voice, but also conveys the constructive message she feels is missing in mainstream music today.
On the LP’s first single “Happiness,” Alexis belts out a beautiful song about self-joy and empowerment over Stargate’s up-tempo track that will have listeners immediately singing along. “Good Girl” showcases Alexis’ sassy side as she sings, “I can be a good girl, but I’ve been bad before,” in between the upbeat, bouncing track where she flexes her wide ranging and powerful vocal capability. Then on “How You Like Me Now,” Alexis struts her stuff and let’s us know that success is always within her reach and that she is better than ever.

“I want to be really positive, no cussing, none of that,” says Alexis. “I’m a young artist and I want to be a role model. A lot of songs are upbeat, and some are ballads. There’s a little bit of that country vibe in it, and a little bit of that reggae vibe. My album really has everything.”

With a debut as diverse as her own background, Alexis Jordan will not only impress each and every person who listens to her album, but she also hopes to inspire them as well.

“I’m bringing something fresh, something new and something positive to the world,” she says. “Something that is going to leave a mark on history and music. We are going to make this international. That’s my goal, it’s going to spread all around the world.”


Get the BRAND New FREE Mixtape from Chipmunk & Wretch 32 – More Fun

Check out the brand new mixtape from Chipmunk & Wretch 32 … Chip is currently killing it , and is featuring at all the major festivals this summer, after that he will be taking a break before returning next year with his second album which hes been talking up a lot.

Check out what you think of the mixtape by downloading below. My personal favourite is Last One Standing which features Loick Essien on the hook.–Wretch-32—

[Charts Update] Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ storms to No.1

Katy Perry has rocketed to the top of the UK singles chart with ‘California Gurls’. The track – which features an appearance from rapper Snoop Dogg – also leads the US, Australian and Irish singles chart this week.

It becomes her second single to reach No.1 in the UK after 2008’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’.

K’Naan’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’ holds steady at two, while last week’s chart-topper, ‘Shout’ by Shout For England, slips to three.

Meanwhile, Eminem places two singles in this week’s top ten: ‘Not Afraid’ at five and ‘Love The Way You Lie’, featuring Rihanna, at seven.

Lady GaGa’s ‘Alejandro’ continues its climb up the chart, advancing from ten to eight.

Outside of the top ten, Scissor Sisters debut at eleven with ‘Fire With Fire’ to notch up their eighth top 20 hit, while Kelly Rowland climbs from 17 to 13 with ‘Commander’.

The top ten singles in full:

1. (-) Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg: ‘California Gurls’
2. (2) K’Naan: ‘Wavin’ Flag’
3. (1) Shout For England ft. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden: ‘Shout’
4. (3) Example: ‘Kickstarts’
5. (6) Eminem: ‘Not Afraid’
6. (4) Kylie Minogue: ‘All The Lovers’
7. (-) Eminem & Rihanna: ‘Love The Way You Lie’
8. (10) Lady GaGa: ‘Alejandro’
9. (5) Tinie Tempah ft. Labrinth: ‘Frisky’
10. (7) David Guetta & Chris Willis ft. Fergie & LMFAO: ‘Gettin’ Over You’

Source: Official Charts Company

Tinchy Stryder returns with a brand new track “In My System” featuring Jodie Connor”

Tinchy Stryder’s new track is an up tempo electro instrumental which is dressed with Tinchy’s easy-to-remember lyrics and incredibly catchy chorus say Chart-Topper all over it! The boy most definitely has the formula.

Tinchy has done great for himself and as a representative of UK rap music. He has caught the attention of US Moguls of rap including Diddy and Jay Z and has done excellent collaborations with the likes of fellow UK artists including the likes of Tinie Tempah, who was also featured on Diddy’s Hello Good Morning UK Remix.

This will be the first song to be taken off his third album, “Third Strike” which will be released in November.

The video was shot in Barbados and looks set to premiere within weeks. The song was produced by long-term Tinchy collaborator Fraser T. Smith.

Do you think this is a surefire Number 1 for Tinchy? I think so!!!

Out This Week : Skepta – Rescue Me.

Skepta has become well-known as part of the grime scene as part of Roll Deep and Boy Better Know. Now determined to step into the solo limelight he’s releasing new single Rescue Me this week following 0n from the success of previous single “Bad Boy”

A real presence on and off the stage, DJ and producer Skepta has made it his mission in recent years to bring the UK Grime scene into the mainstream. Committed 100% to his music, the Tottenham based rapper has had blinding success performing all over the world, without even releasing an album.

The follow to his top 20 independently released hit ‘Bad Boy’ comes ‘Rescue Me’ which reeks of everything that Mr Joseph Adenuga embodies. Hitting hard with a hard-hitting grime beat, honest lyrics and a varied offering of lyrical choruses and rapped verses. This track certainly has all the components to be noticed once again to the wider masses. The question is whether the current synthesised/electro/indie-pop/sensationalised mainstream is willing to make room…

Skepta has a very bright future ahead of him. Rescue Me is a strong track and should easily see him glide towards the top of the UK chart. Radio has shown a lot of support for Skepta which is refreshing considering Skepta is still an independent artist. Obviously now since his hookup with Diddy for the “Hello Good Morning Remix”, more and more doors will open for Skepta. I wish him every success!

Make sure you support GOOD UK music by purchasing your copy of it here

If you want to check the video out… Then go to this link HERE. Also make sure you check out another video of his recently released… Oynama Sikidim Sikidim

BET Awards: Chris Brown cries during a performance tribute to Michael Jackson

Welcome back Chris Brown.

After everything he has done , no one has ever denied that the talent Chris Brown possesses is just phenomenal.I admire his talent which is why it was sad to see him making mistakes in the last year , namely the whole Rihanna issue but i always wished he would get the chance to come back and show off his talent and also perform a tribute to his idol Michael Jackson , he’s the only person capable of pulling of anything close to Michael Jackson esque moves and he displayed this during his tribute.

I for one hope that he can finally get his career back on track!!!!

Even if you dont like Chris Brown , you must have felt a bit for him during the end of this tribute , it was hard not too , the whole performance filled me with goosebumps seriously , it was amazing!!

The 2010 BET Awards were held at the the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last night with Kanye West singing his brand new single Power when opening the gig.

But it was the emotional performance of Chris Brown that stole the moment, when he sobbed while he performed a tribute to the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson. Belting Man In The Mirror, after being introduced by the late MJ’s brother Jermaine Jackson, he kicked off the tribute with The Way You Make Me Feel. Afterwards, the Run It! hitmaker performed Billie Jean with an impressive routine of Jacko-style dance moves.

The singer who is nominated for Best Male R&B Artist did MJ’s every signature move, popping, spinning and moonwalking, but crashed into a sob with his way wiped tears from his eyes and failed to sing the words live on stage.He showed every ounce of emotion he possibly could.

Dressed in black trousers and a white T-shirt, the 21-year-old singer wept uncontrollably and relied on the audience to help him with the lyrics.

One can only wonder whethere he as feeling bad for his past faults and the lyrics of the song made him realise he was nothing like the man in the morror, that MJ preaches people should be.

Following his performance, a host of stars took to twitter to congratulate him.

Kim Kardashian wrote: “Wow @ChrisBrown did such an amazing MJ tribute.

While singer Sean Kingston wrote: “WOW Chris Brown Congrats Bro, U KILLED THAT GREAT JOB MY brother.

Many feel that he wasn’t just crying because it hit him hard that Michael was really gone. But because he was crying for REDEMPTION and the lyrics of the song hit too close to home!!!!

I personally feel that Chris really did shut down the BET Awards with this performance. As soon as I watched it, I was not interested in seeing any other performance to be honest, this was the best part of it, i think many stars were very happy for Chris that he had this opportunity to make a personal tribute to Michael Jackson especially after not being allowed to do so last year.

This is the type of tribute that we have all been waiting for. As to whether Chris can get his life and career back after this performance, one can only hope. After the incident with Rihanna, he deserves a second chance because he paid his dues. And after last night’s performance where he showed his TRUE self and wore his heart on his sleeve, i think he should be given the chance to rebuild his career because his talent is sensational. Much luck to him in the future!

Was it all about MJ? Probably not. He was clearly dealing with his own demons/issues, but I’m sure a large part of it was. However, irrespective of any of that it seems that this guy finally allowed us to see his true self. Not his cocky, arrogant, scripted self – but his true, raw self. THIS should have been Breezy’s comeback. Not an album (however solid), not a tour, not interviews – THIS should have been it.

This is one of those performances that will go down in history. Something we’ll all be coming back to.

Welcome back Chris Brown.

Check out the video to The Saturdays New Single “Missing You”

So The Saturdays are back? Lets face they wernt really gone were they? But anyway they’re back with a brand new single from their new album, ‘Headlines’ to be released this August.

Initial thoughts about this track is that its a little too weak to be a lead single, I would have liked to seen something a little stronger coinciding with the summer season , but oh well i hope the track does well.The video was shot in Spain which was a nice feature for the video. Check it out below.. See what you think?

Does Kelly Rowland “Command” you with her new video to “Commander” Check it out here?!..

Check out the official video the Kelly Rowland track “Commander”

I cant help thinking the video doesnt really live up to the track. I love the song , i just feel it deserved a better video.

But anyway make sure you take a look .. And see for yourself!

Charts News : Corden, Dizzee stay at No. 1 with ‘Shout’

James Corden and Dizzee Rascal have stayed at number one in the UK singles chart for a second week with ‘Shout’.

Fending off heavy competition in the midweeks, the duo’s unofficial World Cup anthem went on to deny fellow tournament tune K’Naan’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’, which jumped a place to number two.

Example debuted in third place with ‘Kickstarts’, beating January’s ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ which peaked at number six. Kylie Minogue’s first single in two years, ‘All The Lovers’, landed in fourth spot. It’s her most successful track since ‘2 Hearts’, which topped the charts in 2007.

Tinie Tempah was down three to number five, while David Guetta fell the same distance to ninth. Meanwhile, ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem only slid one place to sixth spot, and Jason Derulo moved down to number nine from seven.

Robyn’s new entry ‘Dancing On My Own’ finished in eighth spot, while Lady GaGa’s ‘Alejandro’ rose to tenth. Usher, B.o.B and Alicia Keys fell to outside of the top ten, at 11, 12 and 15 respectively.

The top ten singles in full:

1. (-) Shout For England ft. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden: ‘Shout’
2 (3) K’Naan: ‘Wavin’ Flag’
3. (-) Example: ‘Kickstarts’
4. (-) Kylie Minogue: ‘All The Lovers’
5. (2) Tinie Tempah ft. Labrinth: ‘Frisky’
6. (5) Eminem: ‘Not Afraid’
7 (4) David Guetta & Chris Willis ft. Fergie & LMFAO: ‘Gettin’ Over You’
8. (-) Robyn: ‘Dancing On My Own’
9. (7) Jason Derulo: ‘Ridin’ Solo’
10. (19) Lady GaGa: ‘Alejandro’

Source: Official Charts Company

[Music Video] – New Music Videos – B.o.B – Airplanes & Katy Perry – California Gurls..

Check out 2 new music videos which have premiered this week!

The first is the hit single from American rapper B.o.B which features Hayley Williams.

The new Katy Perry video was also premiered this week. Check it out!!!!

The New Single from “The Saturdays” Its called “Missing You”..

The Saturdays are ploughing ahead with a third album after the slight wobble that was ‘Wordshaker’. A 30-second preview of the video for lead single ‘Missing You‘ is below.

‘Missing You’ is set for an early August release!

Snoop Dogg Remixes Tinie Tempah ‘Pass Out’

Snoop Dogg jumps on Tinie Tempah’s ’Pass Out’ for the Doggfather remix!

Snoop is  reportedly a fan of Tinie Tempah and is even interested in a possible collaboration. Both artists will be performing at Glastonbury, Wireless Festival and Rock Corps in the UK throoughout June and July.

Check the remix out below :